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Dating gilbert clocks 1920s, site customization

William Gilbert started becoming personally involved in clock manufacturing sometime around We love old clocks, the internet and like to help people.

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Well that's enough for now. Bruce992 years ago Gilbert has the number on a number of styles or models of their clocks. I haven't found your clock's model name in my references but I hope this helps a little. Comments hanksjames2 years ago So what i have read in the last 30 min's Czarniak lindsay dating more of My junk as the wife would say.


Want to post a comment? If you have any ideas on how can improve the site please let us know. Your clock was actually made in the 's. Dating gilbert clocks 1920s list our parts as accurately as we possibly can.

Any defects that are found are noted in the items description and the price is adjusted accordingly.

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I can't confirm this but I've read from one source that W. We search the internet, antique stores, and yard sales for hidden treasures. So this website is a marriage of all three.

Perhaps another collector can help you nail things down better.

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All of our parts are also priced significantly less than if you were buying it new. Gilbert claimed to have roots in the clock industry dating back to This type of strike movement is also sometimes referred to as a "Ding Dong" or "Bim Bam" movement.

The answer is that we both have full time jobs and do this as a hobby.

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Gilbert and Company started around If they wont start running in short order we will put them on eBay with the defects noted. All the best to you and your family!!

Is this a Gilbert Mantle Clock? Need help with ID and age please

It is known as a tambour clock, with a Dual Chime, as it has a two note chime. We run this website as a hobby.

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We all know how hard it can be find sometimes! The other reason we started the website is to have a place where we could compile good information concerning clock repair. If you do an internet search on Gilbert you'll easily find a few examples not all of them tambours.

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As a general rule we operation check our clock movements when we get them. Thanks for sharing your heirloom with us.

This is a tambour as ticktocktime states and they were most popular in the s through the 30s.

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When possible we do check the operation on the time and strike trains in our clock movements. You can buy your clock parts from us with confidence. It sounds like some doorbells.