Dating error, your answer

To be honest, with all the bugs and other issues of Elemental Evil, including a queue and matchmaking system not prepared to shoulder a competitive tournament, the whole thing actually did feel premature and user beckylunatic rightfully stated that the lack of an dating error announcement, which normally happens a week in advance of a brandnew event, would have been enough to remain skeptical.

Two weeks ago, another patch on preview brought up the NCL again, this time in a more concrete form as event on the Calendar.

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But I think they are actively trying to improve the situation, which could yield better results in the future.

I ask that you all hang tight for a little bit longer. Yes, Cryptic never fooled me!!

Not a fan, but not a hater either. Last Wednesday, one day alltagsflirt selbstbewusstsein training the preseason was scheduled to start, the event was scratched from the calendar and after the lengthy downtime on Thursday, Alex cleared up the situation with the above statement.

No lowbie diaries this week fellas! We will be posting an official announcement for this in due time.

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A lot more information will be coming for this in the near future! Communication between players and developers seems to be a tricky thing.

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Instead, you can just inform players and look competent in the process. We know some this snuck out on us a little early. Well, technically it was just misscheduled, but two weeks in the official calendar and the hype and doubts that came with it felt like another slap in the face of the unloved stepchild that is PVP.

Sure, both Andy and Alex have plethora of other responsibilities and tasks to perform, but if you, as a company, are unable to drop in for a single clarifying post over two weeks, then you might want to redistribute the load so that someone is able to. Because you not only displease customers, but also make life harder for yourself in terms of credibility, which is also a huge problem this game has.

What's the point in legendary salvage fodder? It stayed there without further notice of any official source although a lot of controversial posts arised on the forum about the tournament.

From a company that has two employees, who should serve as a link between the devs and the community, such a behavior becomes more puzzling. You can only profit from being a bit more vocal. Maybe, but the grind still sucked! You also avoid a lot of situations where you are forced to excuse yourself for an error, especially if an issue has already been brought up on the preview server without an official response.

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