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Lead and encourage Kaizen culture to member of my team to promote continuous process improvements. Models may be created through staging and analysis of historical Automatic Call Distribution data. The solution also performs: Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc.

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Service level, average speed of answer, abandon rate, and other data may be predicted to generate forecasts and analysis of contact center behavior. Long term and short term predictions may be used to configure the telecommunication network and route communications through the telecommunications network.

Provide reality-based projects and case studies of establishing time standards, workstation design, and manufacturing environment. Recruit, coach, mentor, and guide a group of Junior Analysts. My duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to: Manage offshore development air force weather specialist bases of dating in India, and co-manage offshore development team in Indonesia.

In an embodiment, models simulating queue behavior are built.

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Model parameters may be derived from and optimized using historical data. Selected Publications Below are some of the work that I've published throughout my professional years.

Appointed as a speaker at CenterBridge User Conference for 2 consecutive years. They may or may not have changed career path or position from the time we were working together.


Technical Papers Description Whitepaper that I co-wrote, comparing Erlang-C and Simulation Modeling with regards to accurately modeling contact center service performance as well as staffing requirements. Instruct laboratory class simulation of work productivity measurement, and regular- and motion-based time studies, coordinate and maintain web resources with class professor.

Recipient of Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching; an annual award given to outstanding teachers as voted by students. Design, and develop group website: Achievements include, but not limited to: Develop department career path, as well as individual development plan IDP to maximize growth and potential of team members.

Contact Center Planning Calculations and Methodologies: Perform time study analysis, develop and implement new time standards for pick and fulfillment department.

In one embodiment, closed form simulation modeling may be used to simulate behavior from input distributions. Participate in Scrum daily meetings, sprint planning and task estimation as well as sprint retrospective meetings. Annapolis, MD - My primary role is to develop custom simulations and optimization algorithms for our flagship product: Annapolis, MD - I was promoted to Lead Analyst in January of with greater responsibility as well as visibility to develop strategic development projects of CenterBridge Software Suites.

All recommendations are published in and taken from my linkedIn profile.

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These include patent works, white papers as well as presentations. Conduct an in-house training course on time-series forecasting methodologies to clients. Some of my duties and achievements include, but not limited to: In an embodiment, a distribution may be determined that is demonstrative of a virtual representation of the historical environment of the contact center operation environment at different time intervals.

Participated in various events throughout North America and conducted workshops in Indonesia.

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I maintain my role of managing a team of Operations Research engineers. Staff count may be altered in order to determine staffing allocations and performance scenarios using the models. Design, code, and implement time-series forecasting module within CenterBridge that includes methods such as: Some of my achievements include, but not limited to: Examples of behavior may include staffing levels, workload, and the Key Performance Index of metrics such as service level percentage, average speed of answer, and abandonment rate percentage.

ININ is a global provider of contact center automation, unified communications, and business process automation software and services for mid-size to large organizations. Implement Kanban lean engineering methodology in addition to Scrum. The model parameters may be used to construct an analytic model, which said analytic model may be used to create a contact center model using the optimized parameters.

Long term strategic workforce planning for contact centers using mixed integer programming approaches and simulation-based forecasting Bayu Wicaksono, David Woo, Amit Garg Presentations INFORMS This poster presentation describes a methodology that allows for forecasting, cap planning and what-if analysis to develop strategic plans for contact centers utilizing simulations that accounts for variations in customer patience and abandonment behavior, resulting in accurate prediction of key performance parameters.

Document all findings and provide training manuals for future use. The distribution may be used to transform inputs where there is a discrepancy between the simulation model time interval and the time interval for a generated forecast.