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Convenience Store Gift Shopping: Can Danger Mouse get him back? In "Greenfinger", a plot point is Penfold's obssession with making jam, which he shows no signs of in any other episode.

An' I-a will not-a tell-a you At one point, the scene goes into bullet time so DM can taste a tub of yoghurt as it narrowly misses his head. D'you believe in luck?

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Parodied in "Escape from Big Head", where Penfold tearfully relates the lengths he went to to atone for the hideous crime of borrowing a pencil and forgetting to give it back.

An invoked trope, as he's faking it.

Danger Mouse (musician)

During the climactic fight scene of an episode, the action freezes, the Lemony Narrator does an "Is this the end for our heroes? Remember- Formula X is a powerful weapon, and must not fall into the wrong hands- [DM and Penfold are ignoring her, and popping sheets of the bubble wrap] Penfold: In the same episode, DM tries to find a new line of work as a taxi driver, only to have his cab clamped by a traffic warden.

He won in for his work as a producer on Adele's The original series is set in a Mouse Worldand Danger Mouse's secret HQ is a mouse-sized skyscraper disguised as a human-sized pillar box. InDanger Mouse began producing U2 's thirteenth studio album Songs of Innocencereleased in In the episode "Greenfinger", the usual closing credits music is replaced by the episode's guest character singing.

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The final scene reveals there is also an evil Penfold. Deface of the Moon: In "The Unusual Suspects", DM attempts to smoke out the mole by telling each agent a different lie about where he's hidden the MacGuffin and seeing if any of them take the bait.

Gets a Lampshade Hanging from consolidating codifying statutes pronunciation narrator at the end of the revival episode "The Other Day the Earth Stood Still" which features, among other things, the idea that if the Earth stops spinning there will be no gravity.

The Scottish Gaelic version infamously renamed him Donnie Murdo. For the show's low budgets, DM's dance for the tickleohippuses in "Multiplication Fable" was quite fluid. In August and SeptemberDanger Mouse collaborated with British graffiti artist Banksy to replace copies of Paris Hilton 's album Paris in English music stores with altered album artwork and a minute instrumental song containing various statements she had made.

All that is seemingly left of Danger Mouse is his eye patch. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: I said, "coiled like a panther, ready to spring"- oh, forget it Baron Greenback; justified since it's a British production.

In "Who Stole the Bagpipes", Baron Greenback is trying to build a sonic death ray with 10, bagpipes that he has stolen. In "The World Wide Spider", it turns out spiders are DM's one fear just before he has to save the world from the world's largest spider.

Wherever there is danger, there'll be tropes!

He takes the initiative in "Public Enemy No. Subverted in the Christmas special of the series, where Danger Mouse points out that the episode is a half hour special and thus they have no need to end on a cliffhanger when the crisis proves too great to resolve within the standard length.

In the reboot, it's an "iPatch," allowing him technical prowess out in the field when he needs it. Ahem, "a frenzy of panic and confusion"? Attack of the Foot Whatever: In a flashback in "Happy Boom Day", the young Greenback has a traumatic birthday featuring exploding candles on the birthday cake.

Elsewherewhich included the international hit single " Crazy ".

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Finishing Each Other's Sentences: Averted in "The Statue of Liberty Caper": This means the pillar box HQ is the size of a building. Done on an enormous scale in the first episode of the reboot, with an entire skyscraper shaped like a house of cards. Creates the superpowered villain in "Pink Dawn".

In "Dark Dawn", Penfold accuses DM of not knowing what it's like to lose a friend, prompting DM to make a moving declaration that it's the fear of losing his best friend that drives his never-ending quest to keep the world safe. The traffic warden reappears at the end of the episode and helps capture Baron von Greenback by clamping the Frog's Head Flyer.

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Unfortunately for all involved, including Greenback, DM turns out to be just as good at committing crimes as he usually is at stopping them. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the disappearance of their political masters has sent the people into a frenzy of panic and confusion!

U2's frontman, Bonosaid in"We have about 12 songs with him. Penfold, both in the original and the reboot.

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It turns out the Baron was only faking the whole time, to keep DM distracted. His broadcast even breaks in on the secret channel Colonel K uses to communicate with DM.

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In "Danger at C Level", Penfold needs a holiday, so he and DM go on an ocean cruise — the same day that Baron von Greenback attempts to take over the world with giant sea monsters.

In "Danger World", when DM has to act like a coward, he starts off like this, but gets more convincing later on.

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Crumhorn IV is a Doberman. Starting with season 6, they began to appear less in favor of more villains for Danger Mouse to face. Although he doesn't actually die, Baron Silas Von Penfold is defeated this way in Very Important Penfold after being knocked off the roof of a building and falling into his own Twystyverse portal.

In Jeopardy Mouse's first episode, she and Danger Mouse spend the entire thing arguing about which of them is really the greatest secret agent in the world, but in the end they settle their differences and prepare to capture Greenback together — only to be beaten to the punch by Italy's El Hazard Mouse.

In the reboot, Penfold is more courageous, and not as fearful as before, bordering on an Informed Attributebut he still has his frightful moments, DM is more of a Larger than life action hero.

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He doesn't actually need it due to actually having two eyes, but wears it anyway as part of the outfit - in fact, he actually wears it on the wrong eye in one episode and switches it over accordingly.

Grovel, the robot servant to the alien Quark, fits this to a tee.

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DM and Penfold cause it to crash literally by reciting the "My dog has no nose. From what has been shown, the revival is Flash animated, but ironically still far more detailed and fluid than the original hand drawn episodes. The Quark Games in the episode of the same name.

DM then one-ups him by aiming the bent shotgun just right that the shot Pinball Projectiles off the edges of the gallery, hitting every target, including one last ricochet that takes a long pause to arrive. Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat: DM has this in both versions.