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DanceMoms Subscribe for more from Don't understand why Maddie is higher. Mackenzie is going to be such a fantastic dancer and singer! Dance Moms - Mackenzie beats Maddie Season 5. Chromium 51 radioisotope dating passion and love of dance shines every time the music starts and she's on the stage.

She's super flexible and is definelty the most talented because she's the oldest and yet the most flexible.

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Chloe is bad she left dance moms and is versing them so maddie is better Maddie is all the way better than Chloe! I love Chloe, she is grateful for every opportunity she gets, and is never whiny. She should definitely not be last she is actually a lot better than chloe!

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She has the most potential to be on Broadway because she is a wonderful dancer, has such a good voice and sings really well, and can act well too. I can see why abby hates her because I do too.

DanceMoms Subscribe for more from Dance Moms and SHe should be first 9 Kendall Vertes Kendall is such an amazing dancer.

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She may be crazy some times, but she's a damn good mother. I just hate her! I love the fact that Chloe is really humble. And Mackenzie's mom is just so nice and doesn't wanna butt into things.

Maddie Intimidates the Other Soloists S5, E24 Lifetime Lifetime 3 years ago When Abby sees dancers from other teams trying to intimate her backstage, she knows she'll have the last laugh when they realize they're competing against I also really liked her songs.

I always love to see her perform in every dance.

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She is confident on stage and it really shows! At least chloe knows how it feels to win and lose. Mackenzie is a great dancer and although she is the youngest, she is up to the standard of any of the other girls. When Chloe is feeling down, Christi would cheer her up and stick up for Chloe!

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Maddie sort of put a 'plastic smile' when she's on stage. I honestly think Mackenzie is just as good as Maddie despite what Abby saids.

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Maddie and Mackenzie Meet with an Agent Season 2 Flashback Lifetime Lifetime 2 months ago Melissa sneaks away with her girls to have a preliminary meeting with a talent agent in Hollywood and the other moms feel betrayed in this clip from Season 2, Fyi this is just my opinion love them both though!

When Chloe is on stage she danced all of her heart out and she is very generous.

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Maddie is easily the best dancer. She has a wonderful personality! She comforted Kenzie while her own mother ignored her. Whenever Mackenzie gets a solo, she usually comes in first place, and always stands out in the group routines. Not to mention in all those sia music videos she did she was fantastic she looked like a true professional dancer.

I don't understand why Maddie got more opportunities than Kalani because Kalani is way better than Maddie.