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The pants are of a high-waist style that reach the bottom ribs. The same is true for Latin shirts. Such dress is usually fine for the entry level amateur dance competitions. The shirt studs are used instead of buttons.

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Every shirt has two colors: The Shirt A shirt can have different texture, patterns and can even be semi-transparent. Let's examine the details of the ballroom dancing dress code. A dance shirt is a leotard that has a built in shorts at the bottom or straps around between the legs.

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In this case a separate collar is required. Leg action play a very important role in dancing and can be very intensive.

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The suits in this case are not regular: The suits have also a special cut that differs them from the regular suits. In International Standard, a tail suit sometimes called tailcoat is considered to be a core element of a fully-fledged professional dancer's costume.

The pants have normal rise waist, which is lower than pants worn with tail suits.

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The shoes provide contact between the dancer's feet and the ballroom floor. It's usually a short dress or a mini skirt.

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Shirt Studs Shirt studs are usually sold in a set with cufflinks. Advanced Latin shirt looks more fancy than basic Latin shirt. The International Standard dress code states that a bow tie may be black or white, while a necktie may be only black. The pants of the tailcoat are pure black with high-waist style.

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But you should make sure that such dress doesn't immobilize your moves or it won't damage if you do some complicated dance figures. However, it's conventional for the men to abandon the tail suit in favor of shorter tuxedos, vests, and other creative outfits at American Smooth.

The Dress code is defined by the regulation body: All shirts for ballroom dancing are actually leotards, because it helps to keep the shirt always tucked and neat even if a dancer moves a lot. For dance competitions the style of the shoes must match the rules.

In American Smooth, a dancer sometimes is allowed to wear a regular suit instead of a tail suit, however, it's not recommended. Such ingenious trick allows to achieve a handsome look and at the same time it removes unnecessary fabric to avoid temperature overheat and preserves freedom of body movement.

The Shoes for Dancing The shoes are probably the most important part of the dancer's outfit. The cufflinks are considered to be jewellery items and are made of precious metals decorated with gems.

General Facts

They only difference is that kids have a smaller dress size. This dress can be considered to be a "mid-level" dress or dress for beginner dancers, because it's a cheaper alternative of the high-end dress that can be used for the start when an amateur dancer wants to cut down expenses.

Most models of shirt don't have a built-in collar, so a separately attachable white collar is required. The rules for the dress are the same for all these dances.

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Besides, it is not restricted to wear a cardigan or pullover instead of a vest, but it went out of fashion nowadays. The main idea of such dress is to draw attention to body movement and leg action of the dancer. The satin stripe and waistline are usually missing. Besides, the clothes can have various decorative elements that can make the dance more exciting.

Men Pants Trousers Straight normal-waist black pants without stripes Pants have a special cut to look freshly ironed There is no difference between the pants trousers for International Standard and American Smooth. Such category exists both for clothes and for shoes. A shirt for dancing is actually a leotard with built-in shorts or pants.

Shirt studs can be considered as glamour variants of buttons. It's a special shirt designed to be worn with a tailcoat. Some shirts can have reflecting rhinestones to shine bright. Usually a tail shirt doesn't have buttons and requires wearing shirt studs.

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Basic - this dress looks much better and looks almost as attractive as fancy dress see below. The Pants Trousers The pants are pure black and have a sewed-in to look freshly ironed.

Cufflinks may have a very attractive look. The shirt designed for dancing is not actually a shirt, even if it looks as one.

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Dress for Dance Practice A dress for competitions is usually not comfortable and easy enough for everyday life. Most tail shirts come without built-in collars. The clothes should match to what is called "white tie" dress code: However, In American Smooth both a necktie and a bow tie can be of any solid color.

The collar must be pure white and match the tint of the tail shirt. The pants are solid black. The shirt usually looks shinier and brighter.