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In this combination, she is a true successor to the legacy of Willi Dansgaard and Sigfus Johnsen, and a worthy recipient of the Louis Agassiz Medal.

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen Dorthe Dahl-Jensen The Louis Agassiz Medal is awarded to Dorthe Dahl-Jensen dahl jensen dating marks 1088 her outstanding scientific contributions in polar glaciology and her leadership in international projects that have extended climate records from Greenland ice cores back into the last interglacial.

When he was 14, his family moved to Copenhagen where he apprenticed with a goldsmith. Georg Jensen died inbut in the preceding years he imbued the firm with his strongly held ideals concerning both artistry in design and excellence in craftmanship, this tradition has been adhered to throughout the 20th century.

Ice flow models to date ice cores. Current research My research is strongly connected to the research projects I lead: Ice in the solar system. The breadth of work undertaken by Dahl-Jensen is quite formidable, extending from the study of individual ice crystals out to extraterrestrial ice and from global climate to the bed of the ice sheet.

The Copenhagen quarters were greatly expanded and before the close of the 's, Jensen had opened retail outlets as far la grande illusion 1937 online dating as New York, London, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin and Buenos Aires.

Inhe abandoned ceramics and began again as a silversmith and designer with the master, Mogens Ballin. Dahl-Jensen has a rare ability to put the subject of climate change into the language of the dahl jensen dating marks 1088, making her a highly sought after subject for media interviews and public presentations.

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From childhood, Jensen had aspired to be a sculptor and he now pursued this course of study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. His apprenticeship, with the firm Guldsmet Andersen, ended in and this freed young Georg to follow his artistic interests.

My expertice is mainly in teoretically modelling and with a background in geophysics I also supervise in more goephysical and geological modelling projects. The son of a blacksmith and born inGeorg Jensen grew up in a poor family in the little industrial town of Raavad north of Copenhagen.

The history and evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Soon, the beauty and fine quality of his Art Nouveau creations caught the eye of the public and his success was assured.

Mark Dahl-Jensen

The evolution of the big ice sheets is a very 'hot' subject and I beleive our ice and climate research is a very important contribution in improving our understanding of the climate system. The Georg Jensen name has always carried the mantle of the highest quality silver, made using the most expensive techniques of production.

Although his clay sculptures were well received, making a living as a fine artist proved difficult and he turned his hand to the applied arts.

Dahl-Jensen is undoubtedly one of the world-leading figures in the ice core scientific community, and her work has contributed important insights into issues such as ice sheet melting and sea level rise, Arctic warming and abrupt climate change.

Through her energy, organisational abilities and influence with both funders and her international peers, Dahl-Jensen has been responsible for bringing to fruition two of the most exciting projects of the last two decades, cementing the importance of Greenland ice cores for studies of abrupt climate change and the critical last interglacial period.

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen has made numerous important scientific contributions to reconstructing climate, based on ice core and borehole temperature data from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, and to elucidating the history and evolution of the Greenland ice sheet.

Georg Jensen Flatware Patterns. See our home pages www. I beleive it is very important to contribute in both the scientific and the public debat on melting ice in a changing climate. His designs were a success, but his business acumen was not as he constantly needed to rely on new investors.

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After graduating inhe first made art pottery than he decided he would return to his old craft of metalsmithing to support his family making silver jewelry to his own designs.

She is a tireless advocate for science and for science that informs intelligent decision making. Jensen began his training in goldsmithing at the age of 14 in Copenhagen.

Dahl-Jensen combines fierce organisational energy, a willingness to engage the international community to crack difficult logistic and scientific problems, and scientific breadth and knowledge.

Finally, inhe opened his own shop in Copenhagen and soon had 60 people working for him.

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Although Jensen himself was a proponent of the Art Nouveau style, he had the wisdom and foresight to allow his designers their own freedom of expression which expanded the stylistic scope of what the firm produced and allowed it to keep step with time.

Jensen's training in metalsmithing along with his education in the fine arts allowed him to combine the two disciplines and revivify the tradition of the artist craftsman. Continuum mechanical properties of anisotropic ice. Again the work was well received, but sales were not strong enough to support Jensen, by this point a widower, and his two small sons.

At one time, Jensen made 33 flatware patterns, 23 of which are no longer produced, and about holloware items such as bowls, candelabra, pitchers, tea sets, trays, vases, wine coolers, and covered fish platters.

Georg Jensen: marks, hallmarks and history

Over the years before his death inJensen hired a series of talented designers who were allowed to go their own ways.

The European Union Framework 7 program Past4Future I coordinate combines the ice core records with paleaorecords fro other sources in order to reconstruct the climate of warm periods in our past.

He graduated in and began exhibiting his work. Fields of interest I am so privilliged that my research interests are fully overlapping with my present research. In his spare time, he took drawing, geometry, engraving, and modeling courses during which time he decided to become a sculptor.

As such, Jensen's greatest talent may have been his ability to find and nurture other talents.

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Some of the firm's more notable designers include: This led Jensen to make a landmark decision, when inhe risked what small capital he had and opened his own little silversmithy at 36 Bredegade in Copenhagen.

Inhe left the company and moved to Paris to start a new workshop, but this venture was unsuccessful and he returned to Copenhagen. Most downloaded Primary fields of research Reconstruction of climate records from ice cores and borehole data. There, he rejoined the company as the artistic director where he continued to design for the company bearing his name until his death.

Her leadership of the field projects has been complemented by scientific leadership in Europe, successfully piloting the European Past4Future project. Like Georg Jensen jewelry, many holloware pieces were embellished with semiprecious stones like amber, amethyst, garnet, lapis lazuli, malachite, opal, and quartz.