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Curleys wife flirtatious synonyms. Why does curley's wife flirt around with slim? | enotes

She is not really promiscuous. If you can't look after your own God damn wife, what you expect me to do about it? Stud Case on Curleys Wife Steinbeck 's initial portrayal of Curley's wife shows her to be a mean and seductive temptress. Steinbeck then uses the noun: She was very pretty and simple, and her face was sweet and young.

He did this because he really wasn't supposed to see her. Curley's wife knows her beauty is her power, and she uses it to flirt with the ranch hands and make her husband jealous. She is a character that is talked about a lot by the other characters and is portrayed as a bit of a tart.

Flirtatious wife Synonyms

Merge this question into Split and como hacer loquendo online dating into it SAVE In John Steinbeck We've just completed this book and doin an assingment soon, Curley's wife tells him that because hes black and she a woman she can get him hanged and theres nothing he can do about it because he's 'BLACK' she said she'll tell people that he raped her.

Curley is the son of the boss. Steinbeck reiterates this impression by portraying her innocence in death: He picks fights with larger men tocompensate for his small stature.

Salinas is a city in California, and also just happens to be Steinbeck's hometown. Curley's Wife did not have a name because she was not seen as a person.

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But they want nothing to do with her because they are afraid of Curley. She brings evil into mens' lives by tempting them in a way they cannot resist. And all her plans and dreams, discontent and desire for attention end with her last breath, as she dies, prematurely, her neck accidentally broken by Lennie.

She is said to be very good looking andlikes to wear high heels. No it is unlikelyCurley picks fights with other people who he does not like because he thinks that it will earn him respect from others on the ranch.

In the scene in Crooks ' room, she reminds Crooks of his place and threatens to have him lynched if he doesn't show her the proper respect as the wife of the boss' son and a white woman.

Why does Curley's wife threaten Crooks?

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Of Mice and Men — Curleys Wife How does Lennie see curleys wife? Why curleys wife didnt have a name? TLCbalamory Where did curleys wife come from? All of these appearances cause the reader to dislike her and see her as the downfall of the men in the story.

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She is utterly alone on the ranch, and her husband has seen to it that no one will talk to her without fearing a beating. However in the novel there is no reference to him beating his wife but I believe Curley has the potential to.

Although newly married to the ranch boss's son, she dresses in a fancy way, and is flirtatious with all the men at the ranch. Lennie was touching Curley's wife's hair when he went too far, and touched her too hard.

George, Lennie and Curleys wifes character. The characters George, Lennie, Candy and Curleys wife Slim is a skilled worker, the only man who can handle big teams of mules or horses. Her death at Lennie's hands means the end of George and Lennie's companionship and their dream.

Steinbeck seems to show, through Curley's wife, that even the worst of us have our humanity. She is shown as a microcosm of how woman were treat in the You lay offa me. William Delaney Certified Educator The reason that Curley's wife flirts with Slim and Slim seems to flirt with her is somewhat complicated.

Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men is loneliness. Steinbeck uses third person narration to show The reason that Curley's wife flirts with Slim and Slim seems to flirt with her is somewhat complicated. She tries to make people feel sympathy for her that She is putting on a mask.

His house is still there. Before she was married and came to live at the ranch she lived in Salinas. If he meddles with her then he is bound to get himself into trouble, but she manipulates him anyway.

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MERGE exists and is an alternate of. She is trying out her sex appeal on all the men Alive, she is connected to Eve in the Garden of Eden. And the meanness and the plannings and the discontent and the ache for attention were all gone from her face. Curley's wife lay with a half-covering of yellow hay.

But things aren't working out for her. I'm gettin' God damn sick of it. He admits that he thinks she's 'purty' aka.