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Meanwhile, in the penitentiary, Cry-Baby gets a teardrop tattoo. That same day, Cry-Baby approaches the "square" part of town to a talent show at the recreation center where Allison's grandmother hosts events, and introduces himself to her, who is skeptical of his motives.

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Despite her grandmother's skepticism, Allison accompanies Cry-Baby to Turkey Point and sings with the drapes. Cry-Baby is released, but immediately insulted by Baldwin, who after revealing that his grandfather is the one who electrocuted Cry-Baby's father, challenges him to a chicken race.

Walker's ability to shed a single tear drives all the girls wild.

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Allison's jealous square boyfriend, Baldwin, then starts a riot. This one's for Allison, and I want it to last forever!

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As Lenora Frigid, a loose girl with a crush on Cry-Baby, but constantly rejected by him, claims to be pregnant with his child, Allison feels betrayed and returns to Baldwin and the squares, though her grandmother advises her against rushing into a decision.

Eventually after performing with Baldwin and the Whiffles, Allison is persuaded by the newly established alliance between the Drapes and her grandmother to stand by Cry-Baby and join the campaign for his release. Cry-Baby invites Allison to a party at Turkey Point, a local hangout spot for the drapes.

Cry-Baby - by John Waters (1990)

The film ends with all watching the chicken race crying a single tear, except for Allison and Cry-Baby, who has finally let go of the past, enabling him to cry from both eyes. Cry-Baby wins, as Baldwin chickens out, and is reunited with Allison.

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One day after school, he is approached by Allison Vernon-Williams, a pretty girl tired of being a "square", and the two fall in love.

As Cry-Baby and Allison tell each other about their orphan lives; Cry-Baby's father was sent to the electric chair after being the "Alphabet Bomber" — a killer who bombed places in alphabetical order and his mother tried to stop him, but also got sent to the electric chair as a result; Allison's parents took separate flights to avoid orphaning her if they crashed, but both their planes went down.

He tells the tattoo artist, fellow drape Dupree Robert Tyree: Cry-Baby is blamed for the fight and sent to a penitentiaryoutraging all his friends and even Allison's grandmother, who is impressed by Cry-Baby's posture, manners, and musical talent.

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