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The goal of Createspace and Amazon is to give people a simple solution to distribute your creations through Internet retailers, your own website, and other bookstores, libraries, and academic institutions. They cancelled the order, issued a refund, and now I will re-order when the last revision is uploaded.

Both their Music and Film services include the ability to offer CDs and DVDs "On Demand," which means that you create the product and have it ready to go, but each individual copy buena musica gratis nettdating not actually be produced until it is ordered by the customer, which is often a smart and affordable way to approach self creation createshake online dating distribution.

After my vendor posted revision 2 to the print version, CreateSpace required me to go through the approval process again — which I like because that ensures the needed changes were made. If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Createspace.

CreateShake: Manga Girl

Self publishing websites have exploded in popularity recently as places to give writers and other creators spaces and services to create professional works of art which can then be sold and distributed through the Internet and traditional retailers.

Some authors have complained that they never sold a single copy of a book through CreateSpace for over a year. I am not the kind of person who goes into a venture blindfolded.

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There is not a lot of explanation about the recourse or options you have if you have complaints or issues with their services, so potential clients may want to contact them at their mailing address, LaCross Road, North Charleston, SCor by submitting a question directly to their website. To date, I have only sold 3 books through them, and I have not been paid timely.

I called CreateSpace and talked to a real person, explained the situation, and asked to cancel the order until revision 3 was done. But, I can say that CreateSpace has been good to work with. Their self-publishing services for books include Editing, Layout and Design, Marketing, and even guidelines and help for digital publishing for the Kindle e-reader.


When I went onto their community forums to investigate, I found out that they had changed the accumulation twice since I signed on, without any notice to anyone. But if I have micromanage every single thing that goes on at a company which is suppposed to know what it is doing, then I am better off not using them in the future.

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I ordered 15 proofs in order to make sure that the quality and availability of the books were up to par with the market standards before posting them on the Amazon list.

That was fast — even my eBook vendor said that was unusually fast. After having already been scammed by LULU, another self-publishing company offering the same services, you can imagine my extreme anger at this betrayal of my trust.

They also offer Free Publishing Resources that include articles on creating content, formatting content, and marketing your creations.

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CreateSpace was easy to work with and produced a quality book that I am proud to display on my shelf with other traditionally-published books. And, I was very pleasantly surprised about the quality and look of my novel. And neither should anyone else.

CreateSpace is a subsidiary company of Amazon, which has grown so complex in its accounting practices that it stands to reason that many people will not get paid, ever. Being a novice, I followed his suggestion.

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Their site help page for payments had said "we pay you within 30 days after the end of the month in which the book has been sold, net of any adjustments or returns.

Though these websites, like Lulu. Certainly not to me.

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Jul 31, Contact information: I ordered proof copies and got them shipped to me within three days. The vendor I use for my eBook conversion suggested this company above Lulu or Lightning Source or Smashwords as the easiest and most professional to work with.

Unfortunately they do not have a published contact phone number at this time.

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