Tutorial de creación de diapositivas en GOconqr | Slide Set Tutorial de creación de diapositivas en GOconqr | Slide Set

Creacion de diapositivas online dating, who can edit:

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Modifiers Advanced feature allows for options to be adjusted based on other settings Link effect options between layers Use constant or function based modifiers for settings New!

Use names to keep your templates organized Use notes to track your progress as you work on a show Document how a show works before sharing with others New! Preferences for Number of Backups to Save New!

Names and Notes Specify names for layers and slides to help you stay organized Specify notes for layers, slides and shows.

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Apply effects to your show with just a couple of clicks Choose from over 75 pre-built styles Create, save, and share your own effects Apply pre-built slide effects to any show Any slide can be made into a style Minimize work by re-using your favorite slides New!

Adjustment Layers Create special layers that apply adjustments to parts of your show Adjustment layers behave like masks — easily control where adjustments are applied Use motion and keyframes to create advanced adjustment effects New!

Lock Times Lock slide time to prevent changes, even during audio sync Lock slide time to the length of a video layer Lock slide time to the length of a slide sound New! Blur Apply blur to any layer Use keyframes to turn blur in to a variety of effects New! Keyframe Editor View keyframes for all layers at once Easily adjust timing for multiple keyframes at once Easily align keyframes for layers and captions Zoom in and out on keyframes New!

Crea una Presentación de Diapositivas Gratis para tu Pagina de Internet

Rotation Center Point Adjust the center point for rotation effects Easily rotate images around any point, such as a corner Use keyframes to move the center point during the effect New! On-Screen Controls for Playback New control bar for Web shows, EXEs, PC Autorun, Share Show Auto-hiding integrated toolbar appears only when you need it See the length of a show, and your current position Seek to any point in the show using the seek bar Control volume and mute Switch between full-screen and windowed view Use output options to disable the control bar for your shows New!

Preferences for Auto-Save Frequency New!