Consolidating Your Super in 3 Easy Steps | Readable Consolidating Your Super in 3 Easy Steps | Readable

Consolidating super forming, why choose australiansuper

Some changes to your account can be made instantly online. Or simply download the form below.

So why consider combining your accounts with Colonial First State? Automatically consolidate after 10 days We'll consolidating super forming you in a few day's time when your results are available. I consolidating super forming the superannuation provider s of the fund s I am requesting to consolidate into my AMP super account of all further liability in respect of the benefits paid and transferred to my AMP super account.

Combining all your accounts helps to give you a clearer overall picture of how your super is going.

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No follow up phone calls, no fuss. I understand that in certain circumstances AMP may deduct what is ethnomethodology yahoo dating from any untaxed portion of a super lump sum or directed termination payment rolled over to my AMP super account.

If you have an account with us and would like to consolidate your super, follow these three simple steps. Where required by law or for the purposes of supplying our financial services to you we may disclose your personal information to individuals, external service providers or government bodies located in Australia or overseas recipients.

Consolidating super funds

I authorise AMP to contact my other superannuation provider s to obtain any details relevant to the consolidation of my fund s into my AMP super account. You'll be able to view them securely in My AMP and an email has been sent to you with instructions on how to do this.

We may also use your information to provide you with ongoing information or offers and your personal information may be shared with business areas or companies within the AMP group for these purposes.

Step three, send us your completed forms and ID, then let our Super Concierge Team take care of the rest.

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By submitting this request I understand and agree to the following: For more information, talk to your advisor, download our flyer, The Easy Way to Consolidate your Super, or give us a call.

For more information, watch our video on Finding Lost Super.

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From funds To fund Before you decide whether to bring your super together, please read the important information on our website at amp. One of the key benefits of consolidating your super with Colonial First State, is that our Super Concierge Team will do the hard work for you when bringing your super together.

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Remember to talk to your financial advisor, before making any changes to your super, as they can help you with questions about your own situation. If you have any questions please call us on I have obtained or do not require such information.

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By combining all of your super funds into one account, you could save on fees. Step two, verify your identity by attaching a copy of your ID to the form.

I consent to the transfer of my fund s as requested and authorise the ATO to give effect to this transfer to my AMP super account. Highlight text to annotate it X Consolidating Super [Start of recorded material] Most of us find that over our working life, we may end up with lots of different super accounts.

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A list of countries where such recipients are likely to be located can be accessed via the AMP Privacy Policy available at amp. You can get this done at your local bank, post office, or even pharmacy.

Forms | First State Super

I am aware that I may ask my superannuation provider s for information about my other super benefits including information about: I consent to my tax file number being disclosed, as required, for the purposes of: I consent to the consolidation of my fund s as requested and authorise the superannuation provider of the fund s to give effect to this consolidation into my AMP super account.

Without this information, AMP Life cannot provide these services to you. No more dealing with multiple statements to make sense of it all.

Having your super spread across multiple accounts could mean multiple fees and charges and lots of paperwork.