Using Consolidated Database Replay Using Consolidated Database Replay

Consolidating databases. Consolidating databases

Consolidating databases from different applications - Administration

Finally, database option memory usage, such as for RAC, should be factored in. Instance caging works by throttling database instance processes that require more CPUs than the instance is entitled to.

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Compression varies depending on such things as repetition of values in data sets, so capacity can vary. If this happens, the system will automatically start to queue requests just like a normal server.

The replay compare period report for Consolidated Database Replay treats the consolidated replay as multiple Capture vs. A representation of the consolidated database with a new Master Consolidating databases table Each table contains data for all the projects, so it's conceivable that— depending on the number of rows within each table—you might want to consider horizontal partitioning.

Meeting and Exceeding SLAs Once the calculations have been made on how many databases can be consolidated onto a Oracle Exadata Database Machine, the next step is to ensure that for each database, SLAs are met or exceeded. Writing synchronization scripts There are two types of events that occur during synchronization and for which you need to write synchronization scripts: This is done by mapping a consumer group to a service so that the service users are members of the consumer group.

At the simplest level, you could create batch and data warehousing services and run these services consolidating databases different database servers from the order-taking OLTP service. You may have all these flirty girl fitness student membership amazon types deployed or hybrids of them.

Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata (Oracle Press) (2011)

A service can be to an instance so that it resides on a single database server, or it can run simultaneously across multiple database servers or even multiple Database Machines. Oracle will automatically start the required instances to support the workload.

When you consolidate many database instances to a single database server or clustered database servers, you will have multiple databases that are accessing the same physical storage server cell. Optimizations have been made to improve performance. This is especially true for applications deployed on a single monolithic SMP symmetric multiprocessor platform.

This provides flexibility and power to business owners and IT departments that want to save money and gain performance through consolidation.

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During this time, Oracle consolidated 40 data centers down to 3 and moved from 52 applications to a single global E-Business Suite. These measurements can be useful where response times are critical because the system must also be able to handle peak rates without disrupting response times.

Additional requests for the duration of a web session or XA transaction are directed to the same instance on the same database server as the initial request. In this chapter, our primary focus is how you can use the Oracle Exadata Database Machine to deliver such solutions.

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Where packaged applications are being migrated, Oracle also bases sizing considerations on performance testing performed within the Oracle Solution Centers.

Given the power and flexibility of the platform, it can enable consolidation of databases to a single machine that address workload types ranging from transaction processing to data warehouses. Typically you place initialization and cleanup code in the scripts for these events, such as variable declaration and database cleanup.

For a complete list of events and examples of their use, see the chapter on synchronization events in the MobiLink Administration Guide.

Storage consolidation is the result of a number of factors in the Exadata Database Machine. For example, speed of change management can greatly accelerate.

This can improve performance by ensuring that interinstance RAC communication is significantly reduced for transactions that access the same segments from the database. For example, assume that a replay schedule has three workload captures added.

Consolidating Databases

Start at the Top In this case, you'd want to start at the top, with a system diagram, similar to the one that Figure 1 shows. With a scale-out architecture, you can increase capacity by simply adding more database server nodes using Real Application Clusters RAC configurations to support the databases and their applications.

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Workload Management Once database servers have been consolidated onto the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, the manner of client connection needs to be considered.

These events have the date of the last download as a parameter. Every time the end users e.

Preparing consolidated databases - - Application Techniques

Extremely large or long-running projects could have their own set of project tables. The CIO is asked to significantly reduce IT costs but still remain receptive to new business functionality without disrupting users or their current applications.

Retrieving data from projects that share space in the project tables could be optimized by creating materialized views. External user connections are generally into 10 GbE ports that reside in the database server nodes.

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Database modelers, DBAs, security administrators, and CxO managers all speak to the problems inherent in a "server sprawl" condition.

You must have at least one publication, user, and subscription defined in the remote database. Alternatively, you can create your own resource plan, as shown in an example later in this chapter. The relative value of importance or priority can be used to determine database server assignment when resources are short, for instance, after database server failure.

There are two main ways of doing a database server consolidation: