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I just never had used this system before. LG is a good budget system, with soundbars and sound bases between 5. If you would like a recommendation, let me know.

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See more Perfect for my needs Average rating: You will need a digital audio optical cable to connect from the TV to the converter the digital audio output is on the back of the TV.

For true surround sound, you can choose a soundbar with up to seven channels, a subwoofer, and rear speakers. The sound bar uses line audio input, which your TV only has a digital optical output. Got it in the mail today.

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I tried the red and white jacks in the back of the TV. Today, had a friend over, we tried several different configurations to hook it up using the cables I had, digital cables he had, no sound at all except thru the RCA cables. In my experience your best bet is placing it on a lower shelf of a TV stand.

Since I am on a limited retirement income, I thought I would splurge a bit and get one. In order to save money i searched around and eventually found this nice sound bar with great surround sound facebook dating site apps movies and shows and also i love the Bluetooth compatibility with my phone.

Most of the major TV manufacturers, as well as audio companies, offer some sort of soundbar.

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Keep the digital optical cable. Their are several of them and I get no sound. Have a great weekend. They do make digital audio to line audio converters that you can use to connect the sound bar to the TV. We adjusted buttons, settings etc.

Verified What is the model number of your TV?

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I appreciate you getting back to me. Hooked up everything right. Most soundbars come with keyholes to make it easy to mount them on the wall, which is a simple, elegant look if your TV is also mounted.

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The only things that i would advise you of with this sound bar is where the placement of the RCA ports are which will be blocked off if mounted and also be weary of where you place it if you decide not to mount it as well.

I had both the tv and the bar volume on maximum.

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One is available here. Other remote frequencies may cause unwanted actions from the sound bar such as a change in sound volume and also it may block the IR frequencies going to a television.

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Good day, bad product. I appreciate the help!

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I use it for movies. I cannot change my pcm settings on my TV. We are sorry to hear! How do I hook it up to the TV. This model also available on Amazon.

A soundbar can be an excellent solution for boosting the natural sound from your TV. If you purchased this from Amazon, send it back and get the model that does all audio output source e.

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Different than a full surround sound system, a soundbar is itself another slim piece that sits near your TV and can bring you exceptional audio without the high cost, complicated equipment, and long wires that need to be hidden. Some soundbars come with a separate, wireless subwoofer to give an extra boost to lower-frequency bass sound, which creates an immersive, theater-like experience for movies, video games, and any other program you want to watch on your TV.

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A platform soundbar is a good option if you want to put your TV on top of the device. Or, you will need a soundbar that has digital optical inputs for that to work. It is available herebut slightly more cost.

How can I connect a Coby soundbar to a PS4? - Fixya

Bose, well known for its quality audio systems, offers soundbars and sound bases from 2. Many TVs allow you to change the optical output, but yours apparently does not.

See more Very, Very Disappointed Average rating: Guess that was better than some cheap soundbar. Many soundbars even have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection so you can use them to listen to music off your smartphone or other device.