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The actor gained a lot of attention from the media as well as fans, leading up to major role in popular films like The Heirs, Emergency Couple, Gu Family Book, and many more.

He fell in love with her at first sight and they began to date. On the other hand he also told that the illusion of marriage is breaking. They had continued their relationship after the drama was aired.

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Before the actor had enlisted into the military, around of his fans gathered for a fan meeting to wish the actor a safe and enjoyable trip. Before the end of the fan meeting the actor had bursted out into tears and so did his fans.

The two were spotted together at restaurants and at shops, recently while on a date in Seoul. But she was senior to him by five years old. In the same year.

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His Ideal type of woman Choi Jin Hyuk has mentioned his ideal type of woman. He would go on to change his name to Choi Jin Hyuk in Making sure that his fans always have the best of luck and joy.

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The actor started out by saying that he likes women who have a cute charm band a pure charm. Fated to Love You MBC Romantic Comedy In this Korean adaptation flirt am arbeitsplatzgestaltung the original, a case of mistaken identity one fateful, intimate night conceives a whole new love story for two complete strangers.

Pride and Prejudice Melodrama On top of fighting for blind justice, an ace prosecutor and a rookie lawyer struggle to fight against being blinded by love in this comedic blend of the head and the heart.

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Followed by another role on the comedy Just Run! The reason he aimed to be a singer is because he sang in front of many people when he was a high school student, he said. The two met on the set of the drama My Daughter the Flower.

That was followed with a similarly prominent role on the comedy drama Just Run!

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Tunnel Korean Dramas A cop enters a tunnel chasing a killer and time-travels thirty years into the future. Just a little later, he knew that the woman was involved a traffic accident and died.

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He's in for quite a culture shock, if the killer doesn't get him first. It is confirmed that the actor is dating actress, Son Eun Seo.

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How his fan think about his lover Choi Jin Hyuk has a rather large fan base not only in South Korea, but in many parts of Asia and around the world.

There is not so many chances to become acquainted with someone.

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A lot of time passed and I forgot love palpitation in my mind. Gu Family Book Historical When tragedy befalls his loved ones, Kang Chi leaves home and sets off on an emotional journey of growing pains as a half-human, half-gumiho.

The actor had supported and been with his fans from the beginning to the end. I never go to club. He mentions that he is happy for such a girlfriend and is happy with every moment he spends with her. He recently starred in Panda and Hedgehog, where he plays a good friend of the protagonist.

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The fans of this actor care and loe him deeply. The actor has a lot of interested in women with these qualities, characteristics, as well as certain physical features. On Twitter, the actor wrote a message confirming their relationship. But originally he aimed to be a singer and he actually came to Seoul to study music.

It's Okay, Daddy's Girl Melodrama A sheltered, spoiled daughter must learn to grow up and keep her family together when her beloved father collapses. They revealed their relationship in June of that same year after rumors surfaced that they were together.

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Heirs Romantic Comedy Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho star in this trendy high school drama about chaebols as they form friendships and fall in love for the first time. He had an interest in acting from a young age. But he likes children and his dream is to be a good father.

Unknown Choi Jin-hyuk was dating with an ordinary woman when he was 20 years old. He joined the military on March 31,but he injured his knee on June and he entered hospital. The two have been dating since April His first role was awarded to him inwith a small part in an episode of the series Nonstop on MBC.

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His first acting role was a small role in the series Nonstop in So he will sometime get married.