Cheondung And Iu Moments mp3 şarkı indir Cheondung And Iu Moments mp3 şarkı indir

Cheondung and iu dating scandal, follow us!

ByTaeyeon became involved in another dating scandal with another Super Junior member, Leeteuk. SinceG-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have been involved in not one, but several dating scandals. You could say that they are moving on and even are not giving a single fuck to Kris.

This is the place where Taeyeon parked her car to have an enjoyable date with Baekhyun. I recognize that the journalist is adding to the fire but she really can't deny this given the evidence cara setting simchat online dating SM Entertainment controlled all movement of their artists in social media.

When I debuted, I weighed 56kg. Because it has been set up! SM Entertainment will be meaner as ever if they created this scandal only to make fans forget about Kris.


But a picture taken together on a bed topless is basically sex. White and yellow van transformed into yellow van only. This marked Cheondung and iu dating scandal first ever appearance on South Korean television.

The small photo was taken when Taeyeon arrived and the big photo was taken when Taeyeon was going to leave.

I adore SNSD a lot. They will crash anyone in their way. Even if you did, what for? My world fell apart at that very moment.

Imagine the dream being inside you

Baekhyun is a really hardcore fanboy of Taeyeon. Look at circle number 3. Check out the updated, IU and Cheondung and iu dating scandal marriage rumor here!

Get all the stories behind K-pop stars here! Maybe because someone asked you to create this kind of story to make the public believe about what happened in the photo. How was the drama? But, I am confused why K-netizen keeps their mouth closed at this time. Rain Rain, who reigned as one of the most beloved male solo performers in the s, has many dating scandals and confirmed ex-girlfriends.

YG Entertainment To Confirm #JiKo Dating Scandal After Taeyang’s Concert

Once in October ofthen again in December of the same year, G-Dragon and Jooyeon made headlines as several photos and videos served as soft proof that the two are in a relationship. Eunhyuk and SM Entertainment did not make any statement in regards of this incident. Together, we will protect our boys from their mean parents.

But, let me ask you, the whole fans in Korea compared with the whole fans in other countries, which is bigger? It is because these photos were not taken at once. Pajamas and Eunhyuk's topless Bythey got married and now live together in Jeju, Korea.

It was a large space of road shone by car lamp. Actually, there are some website that stated their suspicion about Dispatch.

Cheondung and iu moments mp3 şarkı indir

I tried to build up my body because I wanted to look better on the stage. The agency revealed that G-Dragon himself spoke about the situation. If I were Dispatch editor, I would make the photos as believable as possible.

Look at the whole photo and look at the photo in the right side up of the photo. Therefore, the shining part looks like forehead. Jieun, what are you going to do Next, look at this photo. There are so many errors in the photo showing that is not kind of a date done by idols like them: Maybe, the reason why she posted it on Twitter to make it look like an accident seems as if Eunhyuk was or had already broken up with IU and she used this picture to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Now, look at circle number 4. Two circle pictures above should be taken right at the moment in the car, right? Are this all—the scandals—only to cover up Kris leaving? If they are climbing the tree, do you think it is possible to climb a tree without anyone noticed?

Who is Iu dating? Iu boyfriend, husband

How is it possible? Some of the comments below asked about their Instagram posts which being identical to each other. Oppar didn't mean it! I lost 9 kilograms before appearing on the drama.

So, Taeyeon must have parked her car in that empty space. Early life and career beginnings[ edit ] Park Sang-hyun was born in Busan, South Korea, but grew up in the Philippines. ByG-Dragon became involved in another dating scandal with another Japanese model and actress, Nana Komatsu. Those are the same shadows!

It was later on revealed in a magazine interview that he had originally decided to pursue a professional career as a soccer player, specifically as a midfielder.

I thought I could write my own songs in the company and show new aspects of myself.

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Ina Korean national news channel actually reported about the details of this rumor, confirming that the people who initially made up and spread the rumor have been penalized.

In fact, in December, Dispatch released evidence that G-Dragon and Jooyeon are indeed dating as they spent three days on Jeju Island together.

Then, look at this photo. I should have looked for it first before giving the replies. The yellow in that space is brighter than in other spaces. When she was spotted in the pictures that actor Kang Ha Neul took the day before his military enlistment, fans grew suspicious as to why of all the people, she spent the last day with him.

Taeyeon and Baekhyun looked for the place to have a date secretly. This picture surfaced as well as a picture of IU without the visible gown she is wearing through IU's official and personal Twitter account, in which she deleted almost immediately after.

The door was left open.