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Anyhow, Dennis and Mac decided to split up in order to discover Trevor and Ruby's ultimate scheme, leading to vagina punching, some shampoo laced with rat poison and Dee doing a horrifically un-sexy lap dance to "Bad Company" by Bad Company. The temptation is too great for Charlie, and he starts wildly shoveling cheese into his mouth, finally just lowering his face directly yahoo finance amzn headlines for dating it.

Mac especially warns Charlie to avoid cheeseand tells Dee to not be a "drunk, punchy whore".

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Matt Fowler is a writer for IGN. Trevor introduces them to his frat brothers.

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The Waitress tells him that she is "done" with this and that he needs to stop stalking her. He reads one task as putting rat poison in her shampoo. Outside, Ruby is giving Charlie a massage because he's gotten a cramp.

This does mean that he has to leave, but he says he'll see her tomorrow, which The Waitress says is OK, "from a distance though". The Waitress again asks Charlie to leave her alone.

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They all drive out to the Taft family estate. Charlie asks if it's true that their charlie and dee find love quotes came over on the Mayflower, and when Ruby confirms that they did, he launches into a bizarre discourse, which Dee joins in, about how they must have killed a lot of Indians, but he has "distaste" for Indians, and Dee says they "needed to be exterminated.

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Dee asks Mac to leave, but they start sparring with each other when she tries to make him leave. Further, Charlie says that the fact that she let him bang her so quickly means she is not a "woman of quality", and she is acting like "a stupid little rich slut.

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Mac and Trevor seem very concerned about explaining the "context" of the video, that they are wrestling, because the video then appears to show them banging. He returns to Dee's car, obviously hurt though Dee is amused. Always Sunny might not hit it out of the park each and every week, but episodes like this prove that there's still gas in the tank.

Charlie and Dee tell them that Trevor and Ruby are from the Taft family, which turns out to be a very wealthy family: To mix up my sports and car metaphors.

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No other choice you will ever make will be as easy and render such a great reward. Trevor tells them to go sit with some of his "frat brother's guests"—and points to a group of very geeky people. This is a les liaisons dangereuses.

Sure, they were freaks, but Dennis was actually right about Dee being used by Trevor to show his frat buddies that he could find the biggest loser.

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After Dennis hangs up again, The Waitress hears Frank in her apartment, and Frank, after claiming to be her neighbor, runs her off. Dennis, Mac, and Frank are watching from outside.

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Suddenly Dee realizes what's going on, and leads Mac to the room where Trevor and his frat buddies are watching the tape of Mac and Dee wrestling and mocking it, calling them the "biggest losers ever. Can the guy not see Dee?

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The Waitress calls Dennis again, asking if Charlie has been poisoning her. Trevor and Ruby say that they like them "because you're not like anyone we know.

Charlie and Ruby are walking down a street. Can the guy not see Dee? So, to keep The Waitress away, Dennis tells Frank that he needs to start doing the tasks Charlie was doing for her, while he does "something very important".

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Back at Paddy'sCharlie and Dee are telling the rest of The Gang about what happened, and Dennis seems very skeptical. Frank breaks into The Waitress' apartment. It was a pretty funny gag, hearing only Dennis' side of the conversation, with him not being able to recognize her by whatever name she was saying.

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She's going to keep calling and trying to get to Charlie, so she will have "a front row seat for the final moment of humiliation", which will destroy Charlie forever. After he hangs up on The Waitress, Dennis says he realizes what's going to happen.

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They all seem to be attracted to each other, as evidenced by the ultimate sign that Dee is attracted to Trevor: Ruby seems genuinely hurt by this, and tells Charlie that this wasn't a game, and she really likes him.

Dennis says they need to "dig a little deeper" and find out what Trevor and Ruby are really up to.

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Dee denies that they are friends of theirs, calling them some "hobos", but Trevor invites Frank, Dennis, and Mac in anyway to play tennis. He plays a video, recorded in his room, in which Trevor tells Mac that he should buy stock because Taftco is going public.

Man, just watching Charlie squeal when the cheese tray rolled up and then resisting for about ten seconds before just shoving his face into the entire thing like a hog was incredible. Dennis plays tennis horribly, hardly impressing Ruby, who seems repulsed by Dennis, even after he "pops off" his shirt.

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Charlie says that she's his girlfriend, and kisses Ruby, and they leave together. Ruby and Trevor's father calls the party to attention to make an announcement. The Waitress' bike has been stolen, and she asks him if Charlie stole it.