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Charatan pipes dating websites, old or later? quick identification

The first step on dating a Charatan is to carefully look to some details: I want to show of curiosity a letter of the 26th of March,where it is difficult to understand the situation and where the real origin of all Charatans of this era as coming from the Charatan's London Factory, is already a source charatan pipes dating websites doubt: In a short period Jones became a 'master carver' responsible for many free hands of this period.

General information

The company history and a precise study of the pipes, lead us to the following eras: Essentially Charatan acquired a brand, rather than a real pipe manufacturing business. I'd like to thank Alan Chestnutt of Reborn Briar like myself, user of pipesmokerunlimited forum chenab 420 online dating having helped me by reviewing the translation of this essay.

This first era was from untilwhen Frederick decided to leave the factory to his son Rueben. Nothing is said especially of the revival that started in the yearand the move of production of Charatans to Colin Fromm 's Invicta, recently acquired by Dunhill precisely for this revival project, that involves some of the brands owned.

I remember seeing years ago a beautiful site on the internet where there were also many examples of photos. I say difficult and easy at the same time simply because Charatan, during its many mutations, has always left some unmistakable marks on its pipes; so unequivocal that dating does not prove a huge problem.

I noticed that there were a lot of particular details ex.

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In Dunhill sold Charatan to J. Example of a previous era pipe, remarked Highlighting of how the DC has been added lately From a 'Report' appeared in 'U.

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Dunhill sells the Charatan to J. I want to dedicate this first article to the newborn forum D: Generalization is never exhaustive.

Charatan - 20 - -

It is worth noting that the factory was in Forest Road and not in 32 St. The engraving in script font 'Made by Hand -In-City of London' on three lines identifies pipes made between and This information leaked during a recent interview with Marc Burrows, head of Dunhill's shop in London's Jermyn Street, who claimed that recent Charatans from seem to be superior to those of the first Lane era!

Tobacco Journal' of To be honest this era should begin that year, however to clarify matters, knowing that during the first months everything changed in the production, I assume the beginning of this era to be Most of these pipes went out with the Ben Wade brand but is possible to find some pipes marked Charatan that have been produced by someone else.

I perfectly understand that my breakdown of the various eras could cause some 'resistance' from those who are used to thinking about Charatan in a more synthetic way but even a rough way of doing it.

Nature of business (SIC)

From to the CP logo is more pronounced and the C penetrates the P. He put a 'Danish like' style to many creations and he still remained at Charatan even after Reuben's death. Example of a Rueben era pipe Example of the writing Chartan's Make Example of Underboar pipe Identification of a third era pipe First Lane era, Pipes of this period are quite common.

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From they use the 'Double Comfort' style still used today. There is virtually no detailed literature on that, even though it encompasses at least 4 distinct eras!

Dating of Charatans

I realized early on that the articles listed above were not exhaustive, and also showed inconsistencies and contradictions. This period is characterised by a second revolution.

The spark of inspiration for dating Charatans arrived one day a few years ago, while I met Mario Lubinski who had acquired a very huge stock of Charatan pipes from every era. These are the characteristics: The difficulty, however, lies in the knowledge of the various eras, which are many and often create doubt among collectors.

Charatan Pipes in London - W1J 5QT

From a first Dunhill era dating where the pipe production continued in the original factory based in Grosvenor Street. I hope you'll enjoy the article. Jones started his apprenticeship with Reuben Charatan during the 50s. If you have any question about the translation feel free to email me at mailto: A bit of history Charatan was founded by Frederick Charatan in in London.


Frederick's production, that should be properly be named 'Charatan's Make' and not simply Charatanhad an immediate impact. Needless to say that such personalities, even during their time at Charatan, left many distinctive signs on their creations, creating a challenge for later enthusiasts to spot them.

Many collectors consider Jones's creations as the ultimate thus, for them, the era is seen as the most expressive time of the brand. The Invicta factory is located in Chatham.

Dating of Charatans by Fabio Ferrara I have had the idea for a long time to publish on the web a collection of articles about dating and history of brands of pipes, especially English makes. As a matter of fact, the year of the Dunhill take over, many of those masters decided to leave the factory in order to establish their own business.

After Hours

The famous 'Double Comfort' stem was the only Lane innovation. This makes the few Jones freehands even more precious.

The characteristics of this era are close to the previous one, except for the absence of the LANE symbol approx. Other interesting notes can be added about "micro-details" that can be traced back to changes in the eras.

This means that if a pipe has a tapered mouthpiece instead of a double comfort one, it is definitely a pre-Lane pipe before That obviously resulted in some major changes untilwhen Dunhill decided to shut down the historical Charatan factory in Grosvenor Street.

For sure Preben Holm was involved but there are some suspicions on other factories such as Willmer. Worthless to say how important, for the Charatan brand, this event has been I would say one of the most important.