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Apollo Guide 's J. Cassandra is expelled from school, while Mary is banned from the prom. Veronica turns on Hilary as well, calling her a fake.

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They cut school with Roland, and the three of them become good friends. Roland also finds that Hilary Faye charged several cans of spray paint to her credit card just hours before the attack — indicating that she was the one who spray-painted the school.

God Bless Mandy Moore viasztestek online dating her fantastic set of acting chops"! In a voice-over, Mary tells the audience how she has returned to believing in a God who loves and helps the ones that love and help others in need.

As the now-exposed Hilary Faye flees with the others in pursuit, Dean suddenly arrives with other teenagers from Mercy House.

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In homeroom, Mary meets new student Patrick Patrick Fugitwho is the son of the school's principal, Pastor Skip Wheeler Martin Donovana skateboarder who has been doing missionary work through skateboarding in South America. Cassandra shows some sympathy towards Hilary, feeling sorry for her.

While searching the lockers with the Jewels looking on, Mary's homeroom teacher finds a sonogram of Mary's baby.

Pastor Skip tries to send the new arrivals back to Mercy House, but they refuse, and Mary and her friends support them. She is an extremely devout conservative Christian, though very self-righteous and overbearing, much to the annoyance of others.

She tries to hide it, but it drops to the ground in front of Pastor Skip's feet.

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In her shock, Mary hits her head in the pool, and has a vision in which Jesus tells her that she must do everything she can to help Dean. Dave Rosinguitarist of the Canadian pop-rock band Hedleyappears as the guitarist for the band playing in the prom scene.

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R Lewis praised it: Hilary Faye attempts to swear before God that she is innocent, but Tia, fed up with Hilary Faye's lies and hypocrisyreveals the signed receipt to everyone, exposing Hilary as the true vandal.

On their way in, Tia finds a credit-card receipt for the spray paint—signed by Hilary Faye. Her father has a drinking problem which disturbs her deeply. As paramedics arrive to the accident scene, Mary abruptly goes into labor and is taken to the hospital.

When she goes to Planned Parenthood to confirm the pregnancy, she chad faust dating seen by Roland and Cassandra. A few months later, after multiple fights chad faust dating school between Hilary Faye and Cassandra, Is yoona dating donghae girlfriend Skip puts Roland, Cassandra and Mary on the school prom committee chaired by Hilary Faye to punish them.

Slant Magazine was overwhelmingly negative on this issue, giving the film only half a star out of five and calling it the worst movie of the year. He comes out to Mary as gay. Suddenly, Hilary crashes her van into the school's huge effigy of Jesus.

Mary soon realizes that she is pregnant from her encounter with Dean. Roland reveals that he is not really a Christian, unlike his fanatically religious sister.

However, she feels forsaken by Jesus and loses her faith, causing her to be ostracized by Hilary, and replaced in the Christian Jewels with a previously unpopular girl, Tia Heather Matarazzowho's been struggling to get into the Christian Jewels for years.

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Despite Mary's efforts, when she comes by Dean's house on the morning of the first day of school, Dean's parents tell her that they found gay pornography under his bed, and that they're sending him to Mercy House, a Christian treatment center.

Unlike his sister, he does not identify as Christian "I'm not really a Christian. In her hospital room, Mary's and Dean's friends and family crowd around the baby girl, while Pastor Skip waits outside debating whether to come in.

Cast[ edit ] Jena Malone as Mary Cummings, a quiet girl who attempts to help her gay ex-boyfriend, Dean, by giving him her virginity. Mary tells her friends, as well as Hilary's brother Roland Macaulay Culkinwho uses a wheelchairabout Dean's homosexuality, and makes them promise to keep it a secret.

Elizabeth Thai as Veronica; adopted from Vietnam by a pair of missionaries, she is the third Christian Jewel.

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Chad Faust as Dean Withers, Mary's boyfriend at the beginning of the film. Reception[ edit ] Saved! Mary tries to put up a good front at the assembly, in which Cassandra fakes speaking in tongues in order to get under the skins of the other students. When they arrive at school, they see Cassandra Edelstein Eva Amurrithe school's only Jewish student, and a rebel who despises Hilary.

Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert gave the film three and a half out of four stars, calling it "a pointed satire in the form of a teen comedy". Later, after Pastor Skip gets word about Mary, he tells the Jewels to help Mary regain her faith, but they seem to misunderstand him and stop Mary in the street and try to exorcise her of demons instead.

While working together, Patrick asks Mary to go with him to the prom, which Mary accepts, but as friends. Lillian decides that she's going to send Mary away, saying that it's the best thing for Mary and the baby, but secretly because she doesn't want Skip to break up with her.


Hilary Faye, Tia, and Veronica head to the prom. Heather Matarazzo as Tia; somewhat of an outsider in the beginning, Tia takes Mary's place in the Jewels when Mary is kicked out.

When they run into Patrick and Hilary at the mall, Cassandra distracts Hilary pretending she wants to be converted while Patrick and Mary sneak away, and Patrick confesses his feelings for Mary. She is naturally rebellious and devious on the outside, but when she becomes friends with Mary and lovers with Roland, her true colors show in that she is actually very loyal and open.

Roland and Cassandra bond over their shared skepticism. Hoping for a sign, Mary goes to a shooting range with Hilary Faye, who has a "spiritual solution for everything," and tells Mary not knowing about the situation with Dean that, if all else fails, Jesus could still restore their "spiritual and emotional virginity.

Metro Weekly said, "Saved!

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By Christmas, Mary is still hiding her pregnancy. Mary and Cassandra are initially the prime suspects, and to their shock, the spray cans are found in their lockers. Despite being banned, Cassandra and Roland scheme to go to prom, and to bring Mary with them, providing her with a dress and inviting Patrick to meet them.

He fell out of a tree as a child, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Cassandra reveals she is only at American Eagle after being thrown out of her old school, and decided she could "handle the freaks" at American Eagle over being home-schooled by her parents.

The four then accuse Hilary Faye of committing the vandalism herself, and framing Mary and Cassandra for it as revenge for humiliating her.

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Pastor Skip warns his son against dating Mary, even as Pastor Skip still married to his wife, although they live separate lives has been secretly dating Mary's mother, Lillian Mary-Louise Parker.

Later that day, Roland and Cassandra get their hands on a picture of a younger, much heavier, and much more awkward Hilary Faye, and load it onto the desktop of every computer in the school. She reluctantly cares for her handicapped brother, Roland, keeping him on a tight leash.

Realizing what she has done, she breaks down in tears of regret.

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Cassandra mocks her about it when they are alone in the bathroom, but when she realizes Mary's anguish, Cassandra changes her tone and offers her support.