Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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The rector for our church is Monsignor Francis G. With the ushers guiding us, the process went smoothly and quickly. A little hard to get to know people here if all you do is go to Mass, leave and don't participate in any of the ministries.

My Godmother was in town visiting me for the first time and had requested to go to church on Christmas day. By the end, after the service began, we were scooching together on the pews to make room for remaining stragglers.

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I still think it's strange that I'm writing a review of a church but isn't that what Yelp is for? Claim this business to view business statistics, receive messages from prospective customers, and respond to reviews. Eventhough, I am still learning the Catholic ways, I don't feel out of place here.

The rituals may seem different than your home church, but at the heart of the service we are doing the following: Its a beautiful church and nicely decorated discofox kroki online dating Christmas.

I could write forever about the joy I've found at CTK, but just go check out their FaceBook page or snoop around the website. It was also packed.

Cathedral Of Christ The King

I didn't want anything to do with it Has anyone ever tried going to their Singles Supper after mass?? I wanted to write a special Easter review for the church I am now a member of, but a family war that erupted shortly before 6AM prevented me from doing so.

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I think there are certain hours that everyone can come, and late nights are reserved for chapel guardians. I loved going to away games, to see the marble buildings, the cathedral, and the gym- which is its own building, and on the top floor.

I was a bit skeptical with how long the distribution of the ashes and Communion would be seeing how many people were in attendance, but clearly they were veterans at this process. The Sanctuary is spartan, sterile, bleak. He puts parishoners and visitors to the church at ease by beginning each of his homilies i.

It'd be a great place to take your teens on Sunday for all you families. It took a little bit of time to get settled in but dont be intimidated by the size.

100% participation is our goal.

I prefer the later morning mass on Sunday, it just seems to have a little more energy. Cathedral of Christ the King This business has not yet been claimed by the owner or a representative.

This particular mass was performed by people filing out of their pews, lining up and going up to receive the sacrament. After my father passed away its been 10 years, so don't get all soft on me!

Okay, so I am not a practicing Catholic though I was born and raised one but I went a couple times with my family when my dad was sick and convalescing at a nearby health facility.

We like it a lot. He requested Sunday mass, so we, as his kids, obliged. The Musical Program is extremely odd and of very poor taste. I actually got plugged in through the Habitat Ministry, and after the first build day I went from knowing no one at the When Masses are supposed to take place, the building will be locked up like Fort Knox.

The sound system is horrific. The campus is a nightmare. The priest had a good sermon about being evangelists of Christ in our everyday lives and then they passed the alms basket and performed mass. Overall, I had a wonderful time and am interested in learning more about the parish and how to become more involved in their community.

I played soccer and basketball there. The stained glass is lovely. It's not huge comparative to places like St.

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I started going here in college between GT Catholic Center and here with friends. The church itself is very long and has high stained glass windows set in the gray stone interior.

Seriously, you'll be calling this parish home in no time. So, I live in Alpharetta, this place is in Buckhead, and you know there are plenty of churches near me, so why choose here?

Forget about signs or markings that intelligently direct you. My favorite aspect of the Cathedral is the perpetual Adoration chapel.

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I was raised Methodist but have been going to Christ the King occassionally due to the fact that all my close friends are Catholic. Most of the time they do Glory and Praise music, impossible for anyone to master or sing of average musical repertoire. As I said, I've not been to a Catholic mass before, and it was different than any other Christian service I've attended, but everyone else seemed perfectly at ease with the recitations, the kneeling those little kneeling benches still look funny to methe signing of the cross, the lack of hymnals or prayer cards in thew pews, etc.

There were also police officers present to help facilitate the process. There is a 3 story parking deck across the street as well, and the church offices are under the cathedral- everyone I have spoken to there is oh so friendly!

I'm not Catholic, but my boyfriend's mom was in town visiting, so last weekend I found myself going to my first Catholic service at Cathedral of Christ the King in Buckhead on a stretch of Peachtree St. Aside from this bit of awkwardness, the rest of the experience was fine - good choir, good sermon, beautiful setting and the service didn't run long.

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There are a host of programs for people of all ages and of all different stations in life; it's super helpful that they have multiple daily Masses to accommodate all schedules.

The youth ministry here is being revived and I think they have an amazing vision, passion and drive.

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I love my church. I have attended the Cathedral of Christ the King CTK since moving to Atlanta inand let me tell you, this church is the home away from home that I needed! They have a large organ which provided the music for the service as well as a beautiful canter.

This was the part I was dreading - I'm Christian, but not Catholic, and I've always been told I can't take mass in a Catholic church without being Catholic. We wanted to take her to a nice church and something she would enjoy.