Angolan Roots of Capoeira Angolan Roots of Capoeira

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Feminists are sometimes racist but for me that is not a reason to leave feminism to them. What better opportunity than to do it for a good reason. It stands to reason and that Capoeira reflects these wider trends. I often hear that the problems with discrimination of women in Capoeira simply reflect traditional practices and as such are forgivable.


There is a perception that feminism and the feminist movement is by nature white and often racist. Are they happier, more fulfilled and confident. Tradition is no excuse: Events like Chamada de Mulher and Capoeira groups all over the world are showing we can do better and a make capoeira a misogynist free zone.

If men get more women get less ecetera. Its not always easy, it takes effort and some investment in learning new behaviors and ways of doing things but its possible! Third, we have lots of examples of traditions including those from the afro-brazilan pantheon that have challenged gender inequality a lot — most notably Candomble.

First, there are lots of very traditional masters that dont promote or condone discrimination.

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Capoeira and oppression they just dont go. Do we really think the men that mistreat women in Capoeira get an advantage in the long-term. Capoeira, like most of society, has a gender equality problem: It does have other influences but the African ones are at its core. Some capoeiristas are misogynist — they discriminate and mistreat women… Discrimination is crap for women but also for men including in Capoeira; we like to think of gender as a opposition.

There is pretty good proof that in a discriminatory world we all do worse.

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It is massively overdue and out of date. I promised I was going to write something about women, feminism and Capoeira and why I thought those things go together — so rather than just give up I am doing it late. So why do Feminism and Capoeira go together: I have also had personal experience and seen lots of discrimination and misogyny in Capoeira.

I think partly because I knew that some of the things I wanted to write are a bit sensitive, personal and can be easily misunderstood.

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Misogyny and gender inequality are about oppression. I dont think they are — they often end up insecure with a false sense of entitlement and recognition. Its not like that. Africans that had to fight and flee to be free.

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What do you think? Capoeira has its roots in African traditions and in Africans.

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So deep down I if I dont write this blog maybe I am passively supporting them — which I dont want to be the case. It is particularly important as I am involved in leading a Capoeira group so have a role to play……….

Women, Capoeira and Feminism

I am going to keep this text super simple to emphasize the point……. Second, we know traditions can be modeled, influenced and tweaked. We can do better — no in fact we can do great!: Feminism and anti-racism are not in competition in my head.

A few things to reflect on that.