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It's a roller coaster ride to hell," says Bryan Cranston, who plays Walt, the meth-dealing protagonist turned power hungry megalomaniac. The Two Walter Whites This shot of Walter racing to the car wash to fetch his frozen gun from the bottom of the Coke machine was trickier than it looks.

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That was a stunt man driving, because he had to drive up and accurately stop. Contribute to this Story: The dark, twisted series finale is finally upon us and it promises to be nothing short of perfect. We were just hoping that he would go across the frame. If you notice, when Walt gets out of the car he goes behind a column.

Every time we let him out, he would go half way and freeze and go into is vegetative state.

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Behind the camera, we were all wearing down vests i pooped the bed yahoo dating hats and we had heaters going. Furthermore, as Combo was selling meth on a street corner, a young boy came up to him and shot him point blank on the orders of two rival dealers sitting in a nearby car as part of a territorial dispute.

So to me, that made total sense. As a gift to loyal fans, AMC has released a new on-set promo for the final episodes. It's shot on film, in New Mexico, at a pace that would never fly on broadcast TV, and every episode seems to include at least one sequence filmed from the perspective of a sink drain, or the bottom of a skateboard, or the inside of a meth-cooking cauldron.

It brought it all breaking bad t5 latino dating to me! The View from the Gas Can It wouldn't be an episode of "Breaking Bad" without a clever shot from the perspective of breaking bad t5 latino dating unlikely inanimate object, and in this episode the honor went to the gas can Jesse hauled to Walt's house after discovering his former mentor's treachery in the Brock incident.

His death would later be avenged when Tomas was killed by the Rival Dealers after being told by Gus to cease using children and also when the Rival Dealers themselves were killed by Walt to protect Jesse.

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Over the past five seasons, AMC's "Breaking Bad" has established itself as one of television's most popular programs. It was the only way we could get it.

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So we're definitely talking high end. Tombstone Blues In her review of the episode, HuffPost TV's Maureen Ryan singled out this shotwriting, "The fact that the concrete blocks in that place look like grave markers is no mistake. People were dropping like flies. Aaron and Bryan and Bob never ever once complained.

So we would have to take him back and warm him up. The second half of the final fifth season often dubbed season 6 of "Breaking Bad" will be released in summer and promises to bring a dramatic close to the series.

There have been numerous hints in season five that he's on the verge of discovering Walt's secret that could destroy the already tattered family fabric.

It was so cold, you have no idea. Skinny Pete later attended his funeral. Slovis has directed four episodes of the series, including last weekend's riveting "Confessions," and he shared a few behind-the-scenes secrets with HuffPost TV in a phone interview this week.

Freeze Dried Tarantula The human actors may have been troopers, but what about that tarantula?


Bleeding, Combo ran into the street while the child continued to shoot him, and collapsed in a pool of blood shortly thereafter. The show is now approaching its final season, despite fans' dismay, but the cast assures that the best has yet to come.

As the director of photography for Breaking Bad since its second season, Michael Slovis is the man responsible for setting up those shots. We see Walt drive up really fast. There's plenty to look forward to in the last installment of "Breaking Bad. We were also always on the lookout for things that were uniquely Albuquerque.

He also works very closely with series creator Vince Gilligan and the rest of the crew to choose locations, design sets, and determine the overall look of the show.

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Season 3 It is revealed via flashback that it was Combo who provided Jesse with the RV which he and Walt began using to cook their product.

They are sophisticated at keeping a meth lab clean. It was 5 degrees or 4 degrees. Bryan comes in all tired and composes himself at the door.

It was like this shiny white pearlescence, like I'm pretty sure I seen the exact same paint job on a Lexus, right?

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Contents History Season 1 Combo appears in Jesse Pinkman 's house, along with Skinny Petegetting high, he notices that Jesse's ceiling has fallen apart, due to Jesse and the Emilio Koyama incident and him and Pete get Jesse to do drugs again, although Jesse refuses at first, saying they are making him paranoid.

Odenkirk's character, Saul, is a two-faced lawyer who helps Walt and Jessie launder their money and avoid the law by unconventional means. Combo's mother didn't report the RV stolen because she didn't want to get her son into trouble.

Advertisement "We are here shooting, sadly, the final season. The drama that follows a meth-dealing cancer patient through the seedy underworld of Albuquerque has become a cult classic.

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The video features the show's biggest stars and hints at what viewers can expect. One thing's for sure, it's going to be one wild conclusion to the veteran series.

A previous version of this article has been corrected. Also, how sophisticated are our guys?

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We did the old switcheroo on that. The original comment, "The show's creators wrote the entire series before filming a single episode," has been revised. He doesn't know where to come from," Cranston says. Slovis said he prefers to use such shots sparingly, but in this case the choice was obvious.

So the stunt man goes behind a column and Bryan comes out the other side.