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His fingers leave a bloody trail on the kettle as he falls to the floor, collapsing from the wound. At the abandoned White House, Walt removes the ricin cigarette from its hiding spot.

The M60 finally runs out of bullets, but continues to sweep back and forth. After leaving, New punjabi song single girl watches Walter Jr.

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Todd turns him down, but Lydia feigns interest to lure Walt into getting killed by Jack. Those Lambert women are a special breed. That someone was Hank. Jack's second-in-command Kenny meets him at the gate and gives the car a once-over before climbing in and escorting Walt to the clubhouse.

Walt lies dead on the ground, staring serenely up at the ceiling. Jesse notices Walt's wound from the gunfire and refuses, telling Walt to kill himself. Marie is in therapy this week, where her ass belongs.

And, I was really Walt gives the gun to Jesse and asks Jesse to kill him.

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Jesse remains as a meth slave-cook for the White Supremacist Gang. As Walt rolls off Jesse, bewildered Todd crawls to the window to see who was shooting at the building.

Jack refuses Walt's meth offer and orders him killed.

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Amused by the luxury, Walt analyzes some pictures on a counter as Gretchen walks into the living room and screams as she spots him. Both methods are extremely dangerous, as lithium is a highly volatile element. With a smile, he rests his hand on one of the cook vats that he and Jesse designed.

Walt diverts Jack's attention by accusing him of partnering with Jesse; to which Jack responds by ordering that Jesse join them.

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He's surprised, but catches her meaning. Turning, Walt slides his gun across the floor to Jesse, who has fished keys out of Todd's pockets and unlocked his shackles.

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I was good at it. Since iron is a predominant element in blood, lithium is sometimes used in methamphetamine production, and sodium is a component of tears, the title was interpreted by some as "blood, meth and tears". Jesse screams as tears breaking bad season felina online dating down his face: Kenny cocks his gun to shoot Walt, but Jack tells him to take Walt outside — no executions allowed in the living room.

After Walt picks up a dropped handgun, Jack attempts to bargain with the location of the stolen money, but Walt coldly kills him as Jack pleads. Handing Skyler the lottery ticket with the GPS coordinates on it, Walt urges her to use Hank and Gomez 's burial site to strike a deal with the prosecutor.

Todd is hesitant, but Lydia insists that Jack should hear about the new method. Grabbing a kitchen knife, Elliott moves to protect his wife. In a dreamlike moment, a younger and happier Jesse is finishing a wooden box for his woodworking class back in high school " Kafkaesque ".

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Offended, Jack asks what he could possibly owe Walt. Marie calls Skyler at her new, shabby apartment and warns her that Walt has been spotted around town. Junior enters the apartment without catching sight of his father.

Summary Walt sets a meeting with his former business partners. Unfazed Walt is not threatened, and convinces them to come out to his car to help retrieve something.

Better than ever," Skinny Pete informs him, confused that Walt wasn't the source of it. As Todd crouches down, Walt activates the panic button on the key fob.

Walt tells Skyler that he wanted to have a proper goodbye, and assures her that — after tonight — she'll be safe from Jack's crew. Todd's cell phone rings: Agent Schrader promises that teaming up is the way to really burn Walter White to the ground, so the odd couple departs, armed with the common goal of destroying the man who betrayed them.

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Walt orders them to use the money to set up an irrevocable trust for Walter, Jr. Walt asks them if it's true that Blue Sky is still being manufactured and distributed, which they confirm, thinking that the manufacturer was Walt all this time.

The government would seize anything Walt tried to give his family, he explains, but wouldn't question a donation from wealthy benefactors of methamphetamine abuse victims. Sadly, she stares forward until it's revealed that she's face to face with Walt, who is already standing in her kitchen.

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He crashes through the gates, screaming and crying with joy. Walt tells them exactly how much money there is and that the Schwartzes will give it to Walter Jr. Vince is just really talented at knowing what the final effect he is looking for, and knew early on that Badfinger's "Baby Blue" was the right choice for what he was looking to do.

As he admires the finished product, he snaps out of his reverie: Title reference and music[ edit ] The episode title, "Felina", is inspired by the character Feleena from the song " El Paso " by Marty Robbinswhich plays a major role during the episode.

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He intercepts Todd Jesse Plemons and Lydia 's Laura Fraser meeting at a coffee shop and makes a business proposal, offering a new formula for methylamine -free meth. He leaves her with the lottery ticket on which the coordinates of Hank Dean Norris and Steve 's Steven Michael Quezada grave is printed and advises her to use it to negotiate a plea bargain with the authorities.

Instead, you partner with him?! In a daydream, Jesse works contentedly in a woodshop carving a beautiful box.

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The following day — Walt's 52nd birthday — Walt stops by a Denny's to meet with Lawson and purchases the M60 machine gun. The flickering lights of a police car appear, though Walt can't be seen from outside because of the icy snow covering all the windows. Everybody except Jack, Todd, Jesse and Walt are dead.

Walt determines that Jesse is still alive and cooking much to Skinny Pete and Badger's shock as they thought Jesse had moved to Alaska. As he leans over to adjust the rig, his wedding ring falls out of his shirt.

Sifting through his cash-filled trunk, he finds a pill bottle.

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It took until the final picture was assembled that I was able to also see what a fantastic choice it was.