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Advantages of using a Boker Razor

And this is a boker straight razor dating websites thing. France, Germany, Japan and the USA are all countries to be trusted with razor production, as the good manufacturers use the best steel from Sweden or Japan. Shaving with a straight razor makes you feel like a man.

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Stropping has to do with the alignment of the blade. It has no effect on me whatsoever. Consider Starting with a Shavette So now that you've decided to make the switch, what is the first step?

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For those who feel uncomfortable jumping immediately into buying a quality straight razor or who have never used one before, this is a great place to start. If someone was proud enough to put their name on the blade, chances are it will shave you well.

That is a proven fact. There is something about the feeling of self-reliance you get from sharpening your own blade that awakens the cave-man in all of us. If you've ever taken a look at straight razors in the past, you might have asked yourself "what do those numbers mean?

So let's take a look at the different things to look for.

Thinking of Switching to Straight Razors?

Your mental attitude is just as important as your physical appearance. What I want to look at, hold and trust to shear my whiskers every day. You are also going to need a razor strop, a hone, some good shaving soap not any of that garbage in the drug stores…When you use real shaving cream or soap, you will know the difference….

All you are doing when you strop is straightening the edge to get a clean cut. There are also disposable models with a blade permanently mounted, and ones you can change the blades on. Overall Thoughts Remember shaving with a Boker straight razor is a craft any user must learn well. Check back often for future articles.

Under Alexander the Great, new regulations were adopted requiring warriors to be short-haired and clean-shaven. One of the best ways to do this is by starting out with a shavette.

It comes down to what you like.

See a knife you really want, but can’t shell out the cash all at once?

Belgium Blue and Coticule stones are also very good. It may sound like a lot, but it is actually cheaper in the long run, because there are no blades to have to keep buying, no parts for electric razors, etc… One razor will last several lifetimes, even with moderate care.

Again, stropping is no substitute for sharpening. Rotate the blade on the spine until the other side of the edge is flat against the line, then draw the blade smartly towards you. The advantage of this is that shavettes tend to be substantially cheaper than standard straight razors and also save the cost of buying a quality strop or paying to have the blade sharpened.

Most will tell you that the round tip is safer and there is some truth to that.

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Be sure to pat it dry after use and store it in a dry area when it is not being used. So what do you need to know?

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When buying a used razor, you need to know what you are doing. The idea is to get the edge warm from friction so that will sharpen easier in theory. When Homo sapiens arrived on the scene, the trend continued.

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Like most of us, you will most likely wind up with several razors of different sizes. Shaving purists Why We Love It: So make sure that the steel is sharp, not too thick and that the scale handle is attached tightly at the pivot.

Wear your clean shave with pride, show the world what kind of man you are.

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Traditionally, a healthy strand of human hair has the same strength as copper wire of the same width. The French, Japanese, and Americans mostly use Japanese steel, which will stay sharp a lot longer.

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