Bill Burr Gives Inspiring Advice to Balding 19 Year Old – Quotes Yes Bill Burr Gives Inspiring Advice to Balding 19 Year Old – Quotes Yes

Bill burr advice dating your professor, bill burr talks breaking bad & the state of comedy

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All I know is what you know. Bill Burr gives his response: Everyone in the movie has funny moments while going through some really emotionally heavy stuff.

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I rewound the scene, like, three times. Just swing for the fucking fences, and do the same thing as far as whatever dream you have, as far your dream job, just absolutely swing out of your…shoes every time you get an at bat.

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It was just announced that Bob Odenkirk's awesome Saul Goodman is officially getting his own spinoff. Personally, I think your set at Comedy Central's last Night of Too Many Stars special was an absolute star-making performance, specifically your criticism of Steve Jobs being looked at as a God.

It answered a couple of questions I had about Kuby for a few years now. How the fuck do I deal with this? Speaking of stand-up, it seems like we're kind of in the middle of another stand-up comedy boom period. I actually only learned that myself while watching the show the other night.

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How did you like taking on a dramatic role? Bill Burr by Ben Anderson, click to buy print.

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It's kind of like with stand-up. Mike Binder wrote the script for Black and White with that same vibe. That is to say, whether he's telling jokes or just talking about what he ate for breakfast, Bill Burr is effortlessly hilarious.

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Did you get any negative feedback for that? If someone reading this isn't familiar with Patrice's work -- and, for the record, I think everyone should be -- what do you recommend they check out first?

That helps out a lot. When I first figured out I was losing my hair in my early thirties, I freaked…out. Enough geeking out over Breaking Bad. So you're on Breaking Bad, the single greatest television show ever.

Speaking of which, your character's name is "Kuby.

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Since Kuby is one of Saul's guys, one would expect you may be factored into that series, right? Listeners write in, too. You stay in shape. Do you agree that stand-up comedy is hotter now than it's been in recent years? My agent reached out, they had me read some sides on tape to see if I could actually act [and] then a couple of years later, I read for the role that ended up becoming Kuby.

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First and foremost, you're a stand-up comedian, and one of the best in the world at that. It should help balding men to hear this bit of advice, but it applies to so much more than just losing your hair at a young age. Losing hair at a young age like this feels like a one way ticket to mediocrity, always being one step behind the rest, for the rest of my life.

Also, Kuby's from Boston.

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Your feelings are natural, especially at When I recently got my hair cut, I discovered my hair had started thinning a long time ago. Or losing your hair at any age, for that matter.

By the way, thanks for listening.