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He uses his status to take advantage of his servants whenever he does something Izayoi is a a true pervert!

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But he has had a rough childhood when he was young making his actions violent. He also can't resist himself whenever he sees a cute girl, he always flirts with them but often gets rejected.

He also has a piercing in his left ear. Despite all this he is very dedicated to his club and even considers it his big flirt He can be serious and big flirt whenever he isn't in his survival gun game Toy Gun Gun but usually can be seen being childish and energetic.

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Oz is a carefree noble, he acts very childish from time to time, but he uses this carefree attitude to take advantage of any situation he is in. I must admit that there was sqlyog free alternative dating time where I didn't like Alois but that didn't last long!

He often teases his friends just to have fun. Usui is the most popular boy in Seika High school, he is very sneaky and childish whenever he is with Misaki. He used to flirt with a lot of girls when he was at the academy but he soon stopped after he met his future composer Nanami.

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Don't get him pissed! Hanabusa Aido Often referred as an Idol by the day class girls, Aidio is very egoistic, a bit mischievous, lazy and very flirtatious! Whenever is not fighting or just relaxing he is often seen either making sexual jokes to Black Rabbit or any other girl he's with.

Alois is a troublemaker if you can call him that!

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Thank you all for reading this long blog and ranting of some of the blondes that caught my eye! He uses his mischievous attitude to hid the fact that he is depressed in the inside from his friends so that they wont worry about him.

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He is very childish and energetic as well. He "impresses" girls with his superior attitude, in the host club making them fall head over heels.

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He may not flirt with many girls but whenever he has a chance he flirts or "sexually harasses" Misaki! He likes having girls do stuff for him making them call him master.

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He can be cheerful and energetic in one moment but in a blink of an eye he can also be very cruel and if I say so myself a bit sadistic.

He is tall and athletic.

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He really wants to see Black Rabbits panties questioning her how is it that he hasn't seen them even when she's in combat or jumping around. I forgot Kida Masaomi!!!

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His greatest mystery and curiosity is Black Rabbit's skirt. Tamaki Suoh Tamaki can be characterized as flamboyant, egoistic, and highly dramatic! With him on top of course! Masamune Matsuoka Masamune Matsuoka, like Tamaki: Despite this he is very loyal to his "lord" Kaname and the night class!

Kida after an accident involving his girlfriend was very determined to forget his first love by flirting with many girls to keep him from feeling his guilt.

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But don't let this fool you, he's one of the strongest character in this anime!! Another distinct feature he has are his long eyelashes. These are a few of many blonde troublemakers