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According to Sarat Chandra Chakravarty, Swami Vivekananda's main purpose in conducting this Durga Puja was to remove all unsavoury doubts and scepticism from the minds of the orthodox.

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A serene, evangelio segun san marcos 3 13-19 dating marble statue of Sri Ramakrishna, sitting under an electric blue cloth canopy, with hands folded in prayer, is the focal point in the temple.

The numerous photographers ganging around any pretty married lady amused him. On November 12,he wrote to Nivedita: Thank you Koustav, Aikantik, Swarnava for being there! Mahishasura, Shumbha, Nishumbha and other characters portrayed in the Chandi are of course mythological, but this does not make them irrelevant in the present-day world.

She comes riding a lion. He asked Sarat Babu to bring the book Raghunandana Smrti, which deals in detail with the ceremonial forms of the worship of various gods and goddesses.

The arrangements for the whole celebration were personality supervised by Swami Brahmananda. Under the influence of this cosmic delusive Power, Lord Vishnu went to sleep. In Belur Math this is done during the first five days at a corner of Natamandir and from the 6th at a corner of Durga Mandap itself.

The image was brought from Kumartuly a day or two before Sashthi October 18, These rites follow Bodhan.

How Swami Vivekananda gave Durga Puja at Belur Math an idol makeover

Everyone without any discrimination was warmly welcomed and entertained by the monks. The generally accepted view is that it was Kamsa-narayan, king of Tahirpur in Rajshahi District now in Bangladeshwho first started the present style of public celebration of Durga Puja around the year The wavy waters karma or workthe full-bloomed lotus bhakti or devotionthe rising sun jnana or knowledgeand the swan paramatman or supreme self encircled by a serpent yoga or path of meditation signify that there are various ways to attain god and that each seeker may follow one in accordance with his temperament.

They remain awake during the six months when the sun moves northward. The relevant dates of this first Durga Puja were as follows: Even during Durga Puja, the larger idol is of Shiv and Durga is worshipped as a eight year old girl child.

A number of orthodox Brahmins and pundits of the nearby Bally, Belur, Uttarpara and Dakshineswar were invited and they all enthusiastically participated in the celebrations.

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I should thank Souranil for coercing me to go and photograph this time. The atmosphere of joy could be palpably felt at Belur Math during the Puja days.

The curious Arjyak was disappointed because he did not much find the aunties doing sindur khela interesting. That is to say, Mahamaya is the power of Tamas which makes people lethargic, indolent and sleepy. I never knew this puja would turn out to be so special. In AugustSwamiji worshipped a Muslim boatman's four-year-old daughter as Uma, the Divine Mother, during his visit to Kashmir along with some of his Western disciples.

To understand the significance of the image we have to understand the significance of the Chandi.

Commingling of Legends

It is because she is a form of the Divine Mother. When Sri Ramakrishna visited the house of Ram, sang songs and had discussions with the Brahmo Samaj devotees. Going out with a close friend to buy one, does.

The third message of the Chandi is the empowerment of women.

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The devotees had prasada in the north-western portion of the courtyard, in the space between the existing jackfruit tree and Sri Ramakrishna's new temple. The nine plants, which include a branch of Bel tree also, are bundled together, given a ceremonial bath, covered with an orange coloured cloth and installed on a wooden seat on the right side of the image of Durga.

Her two daughters - the goddess of wealth and the goddess of learning and music - on either side on lotuses, beneath her two sons - the god of war and the god of wisdom This is followed by elaborate worship of the Devi with sixteen items shodashopacharapuja.

However, from to the worship of Mother Durga was conducted not in an image but in a consecrated pitcher ghata. The rays of their anger combined to form a supremely powerful and dazzlingly bright female Being — the Devi known also as Chandika and Ambika. Is it buying new clothes or seeing ten more pandals?

He placed flowers at the feet of the Kumaris and offered sweets and dakshina in their hands. After Thakur passed away, Durga worship used to take place at the dilapidated Baranagore Math We forget that Godhead has also an aspect of power, terror and destruction.

Sitting under the Bel tree which now stands in front of his temple Swamiji sang Agamani songs welcoming the Divine Mother. Adjacent to the older shrine is the mango tree under whose shade Swami Vivekananda would meet devotees.

Now only one Kumari is worshipped.

Durga Puja Day 2

Seeing them, Ambika became angry and out of that anger there issued forth a terrible form known as Kali who fought with the demons.

As he beheld nothing but God everywhere, it was the Divine Mother that he saw in everything and in everyone. Every year, lakhs of people come to the Math to witness the worship of Mother Durga and also the Kumari Puja on Ashtami morning. The answer is to be found in Sri Ramakrishna's life.

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This legend is found in the Ramayana in Bengali written by Krittivas. Bholanath Dhaam Bonedi bari Pujo. In return they bless their descendants who performed the rituals for prosperity and welfare of their lineage.

We had Bhog there and it was special.