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How did GHJ have those thoughts It just became like that. Personally, that movie still offers a lot of satisfaction for me. The scenery of a house with a husband and kids is really good.

The agencies stated that they could not share the reason behind their separation.

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We want to be in love. We want to love and be loved. I try do what I want.

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It is true that fashion has always been my competitive edge among other actors. You can make a warm-looking style with a striped T-shirt, denims, and a Loopy Mango hat.

Hyo-jin Kong

She paired a striped T-shirt, denim jeans with a mustang jacket. The lack of sense in movies can be filled in dramas, the thirst from dramas can be filled up by movies. Gong Hyo-jin is not only popular- her performance is also critically-acclaimed.

I wanted to rest for a bit.

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My friend has a family in Bali so I coworker flirting with everyone choose to go there.

In addition to her brilliant career, Gong Hyo-jon has a wonderful voice. And this time it might be for good. After a few months of dating, both of their agencies publicly announced that they were no longer together as a couple.

As I grow older, I seem to be more noticeable and it gets me worried.

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Yet, she confessed her admiration towards Hollywood actor, Ryan Gosling. Well, I did start as a model. She had lent her voice in several original soundtracks of her movies. They were a cool and laid-back star couple that had been in relationship for ten years.

I would love to have a really short hair, tan myself pitch-black, even get my hair puff out.

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Is there any sense of responsibility in your part? How about using a red item for your date look at the end of the year? As an actress, you tend to have those kind of thoughts. They were close friends before developing special feelings towards each other.

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I like actress Gong Hyo Jin, which is why I love to see her more often. She was a model for about a year and a half before the opportunity to act came to her.

A long coat in a beige or a monotone color presents a feminine atmosphere as well as a classic charm. In those three years, I have emotionally changed in meaningful ways.

How about displaying your fashion sense with highlighted items, which are not too over? Do you have any role models?

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On the other hand, I have done a lot of rom-com dramas. I often go out by myself. But I think it becomes increasingly difficult as you get into it. From the moment I decided to start doing films up to being able to perform in theatre, I continue to have lots of worries.

The fans were really disappointed to hear that the stars chose to not be a couple anymore. A white roundneck knitwear under the coat even adds a tidy, cute charm. How dare you be wary of anyone?

Gong Hyo Jin playfully complains about how she was never involved in dating rumors with Gong Yoo

She matched a white knitwear and a checked miniskirt with a red long coat. A red coat matching the holiday season looks more beautiful. South Korean medias referred her as the queen of romantic comedy dramas because she could always pull of her roles in the genre.

I made sure I was doing dramas every year. On a lighter note, she once said that she wanted a daughter with charming personality like Haru, the daughter of Tablo a South Korean rapper.

Actress Gong Hyo-jin, actor Lee Jin-wook confirmed dating

Gong Hyo-jon said that they separated in good terms and remained friends. But we rarely see her natural side her style as a normal person. Her black stockings and platform shoes made her look feminine and slightly sexy. Brought to you by Gongvelyans English Translation: Even only for a day.

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So we can assume she likes a sophisticated type of person. Mostly in my self-esteem I had self esteem problems. Fashion has always followed you. I gotta shake it off.