Beats Studio3 Wireless Review Beats Studio3 Wireless Review

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The hard, grippy plastic they use on the bottom of the headband always tugs on my hair just enough to be annoying. Dre is a leading audio brand founded in by Dr. Software inside the headphones then recreates that ambient noise and inverts it, piping it through alongside your music and effectively cancelling the disturbance out.

So, consider the noise cancellation circuitry a bonus, but not the reason to buy these headphones.

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There is only one slight criticism if you do own an iPhone as Beats only bundle a standard 3. Often criticised for being overpriced, too bass-heavy the brand has defied this snobbishness and ended up selling absolutely bucketloads of headphones.

The design has always been sturdy and even without the carrying case flirty things to say to a guy without being obvious conclusion pair brushed off being thrown into a bag each day without any wear and tear.

There is one other issue with these cans as they don't automatically switch off so you need to make sure you tap the power button when you get home or you'll face flat battery the next time you go to use them. Beats studio review uk dating using your Mac later in the day and, as long as you are signed into your iCloud account, the Beats will pair without too krosvordi online dating hassle.

In addition to the cables, you also get a carabiner, a power adapter, and a hard shell, zip-up case that the headphones fold down into.

As long as you have a relatively new iPhone or iPad you simply place the Studio 3 Wireless nearby to instantly connect.

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In short — die-hard Beats fans. Because even though the ear cup padding is pretty comfortable, the top of the headband is extremely uncomfortable on the very top of my head. Connection strength is also strong regardless of the operating system. Other premium headphones include separate buttons or touch technology which is far more simple and accurate.

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Now, these headphones are notorious for favoring bass. Luckily, they do come with a hardshell carrying case that I would recommend using if you decide to pick these up. Beats estimates the Studio Wireless's battery life to be roughly 12 hours, but your results will vary based on your volume levels and your mix of wired versus wireless use.

If you only have to do that once a week it suddenly makes the whole proposition much more reasonable. The controls may be a little confusing but one great thing about the design is how comfortable these headphones feel when placed on your head.

How do they feel?

You definitely get a decrease in ambient noise, but plenty of this comes naturally from the well-padded earcups that create a seal over the ears.

At least until now. The Studio3 Wireless feel like they were haphazardly thrown together just to try and take a piece of the ANC market currently being ravaged by Bose and Sony.

Bill Callahan's "Drover," a track with far less deep bass in the mix, gives us a better idea of the general sound signature. These headphones invent bass where it isn't, turning the drums on this track into something unnatural—they should sound powerful and thumping, but here the effect is over the top.


If that's what you're after, the aforementioned Bose QuietComfort 35 also offers a more balanced sound signature, and the Sennheiser PXC Wireless delivers solid noise cancellation and superb audio. Unlike most noise-cancelling cans, which require the user to change the settings depending on their environment, the Beats Studio 3 do this automatically.

Performance The noise cancellation circuitry in the Beats Studio Wireless is decent, but not fantastic. I actually really like the way the Beats Studio3 Wireless feel in the hand, at least at first.

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HuffPost UK Beats has always had something of a hard ride from the audiophiles of the world. Though the plus ear pads are comfortable, the grippy plastic on the bottom of the headband is annoying to wear.

The headphones are made of a soft, matte plastic, which is really smooth to the touch. How long do they last?

Beats Studio Wireless

Final Thoughts Again using the analogy of the Powerbeats3 headphones, I have a hard time recommending these. Anyone who only cares about that bass. But the new Bose offerings don't have this issue, and cost less.

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According to Beats this is too heavy-handed an approach, so with its noise-cancelling its engineers decided to use something quite different. Beats claim you can get 22 hours of wireless playback with Pure ANC.

Another nice aspect of these headphones is how compact they get when you fold them, crucial for travel. However, there's no way to disable the noise cancellation—when the headphones are powered up, it's on, regardless of whether you're listening to music wirelessly or not.

They also have a neat folding mechanism which means they can fit snuggly in your bag. Pressing the multifunction button at the same time as the power button enables ANC-Only mode, so you can wear the headphones simply to block out ambient noise and not listen to music the audio cable can't be connected for this, as it powers the headphones down for passive listening.

On the bottom of the left ear cup is the 3.

Beats studio wireless

And audio quality, while good, is ultimately geared toward listeners who like unnaturally high levels of bass. The headphones are offered in nine color options, including a matte black most of the other options have a slight sheen to themtitanium, metallic sky, and red.

We used ours for a full week of commuting and occasional listening in the office and found that we only needed to fully charge them once. Beats On the outside they look much the same as the previous Studio headphones.

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The earcups are soft and well-cushioned making them comfortable on the ears, if we had one complaint it is that we did feel some minor pinching on the top of the head during listening periods of over an hour or so. Wireless headphones can often be a huge pain to connect and switching between devices often means having to press an array of buttons to reset the Bluetooth pairing.

Double-tapping the power button also lets you toggle the active noise cancelling on and off. On Jay-Z and Kanye West's "No Church in the Wild," the kick drum loop gets enough high-mid presence to retain its sharp attack, and it also has substantial thump in its sustain.

Cons Bass and treble are boosted to unnatural levels.