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Like her villainous persona she aspired to give plants and flowers the means to fight back from the "thoughtless ravages of men" but lacked the means to do so. The deed done, Poison Ivy ends the kiss and the hapless guard slumps down dead. The plant-life she bred seemed to have a loving and loyal connection to her as a child is to a mother and appeared to be protective of her as such.

In addition to a luscious and bold upgrade in appearance they were capable of secreting a potent and deadly poison which like all poison was potentially to deadly when swallowed orally. A fact she's quite aware of and eager to exploit.

Before Batman could arrest Ivy however Bane saved her by attacking him from behind.

Ivy smirks evilly to herself as their lips finally meet and drops morbidly as they share a passionate kiss. Personality This incarnation of Poison Ivy is a much-more sexually provocative seductress while her connection and control of plants- while still present- is given limited screen time, showing her once able to control plant growth and issue them orders with ease.

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She has no qualms when it comes to murder either, even displaying some personal enjoyment from it. Poison by her very nature. Because of this, Ivy and Bane escaped unchallenged with the distracted crime-fighters too busy with one another to pursue them.

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In the end, everything Ivy does is to further her own ends even going as far as to attempt to murder her partner-in-crime, Mr. Freeze angrily accused her of lying until Ivy gave him proof- a necklace she scavenged from the woman's corpse.

Jason Woodrue 's plans for world domination using her research materials to do so. Robin, momentarily breaking of Ivy's spell faced off against Bane in his mentor's stead with Ivy turned attentions to Batman, blowing her dust in his face and attempting to kiss him.


With a plan already concocted Freeze ordered Ivy to distract the Bat and Bird while he prepared to freeze Gotham City.

Laying down beside her Ivy began to seduce the sidekick once more. To lure Robin to her lair, in a final effort to seduce and murder him. Gaining her entry into Freeze's cell under the pretense of visit Ivy went to work. Immediately upon removing her lips from his he begins to choke, succumbing to the poison rushing through his body.

Freeze's wife the very partner she broke out of prison nevertheless in order to make him pliable to her own desires.

As Poison Ivy she had a wealth of shameless confidence Isley could only dream of, eagerly and playfully commanding a room as the center of attention with a few words and a smile. Reinforcing her influence over the young hero Ivy offered to kiss him, Robin offering no resistance to her.

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Robin tries to pry information about Freeze from her in an effort to find out whether she can be trusted and Ivy asks for him to kiss her and she'll tell him.

Telling her he'll kiss her if she tells him, Ivy tells him Freeze's plan with belief that he won't live to make use of the knowledge.

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After brief consideration he rejects the proposal, reasoning the cost of human life would be too great to allow for it. At her command Bane ripped the light from it's point of origin and has it taken to her lair and changes the signal from a bat to a bird.

With that she left the observatory and made for the Bat-signal's location. With a henchman of Woodrue's creation, Banein tow Isley declared the world belonged to the plants and herself, deeming herself "Mother Nature" thanks to the new form her former persona's death had given her.

At her mercy at last, Poison Ivy lays a hand on the hero's face and languidly leans in for a kiss, Robin following suit and closes his eyes.

Ivy tried to defeat her but was unable to match her opponent's fighting prowess. Preying on his heroic ego and her past seductive efforts, Poison Ivy made him fall completely in love with her, disregarding her villainous identity and over-powering his better judgement.

She however showed a side that she wasn't good with the few times she was rejected. This skill proved to be as welcome to her arsenal as her poisonous lips were often going hand in hand with one another.

She burned her lab to the ground and left for Gotham City. Ivy was left in this condition thereafter for the police until her eventual incarceration. At her mercy, Ivy held Robin in her arms and moved in to kiss him with his defenses all but deteriorated.

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Life, Death, rebirth, and revenge served with a kiss Ivy before her transformation Ivy began her career as Dr. Easily seducing the smitten Woodrue, Isley seduced him into sharing a long, passionate kiss with her.

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When Batman resisted her, she simply tried to have Bane kill him and focused all her attention on seducting Robin. Ivy talks to Robin before kissing him. Alone and unable to resist her, Robin silently submits to her charms.

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She lured her victims in with flirts before delivering them a fateful kiss. Leaving quietly, Isley decided to take him up on the invitation, declaring to rid herself of the pests and leaving Gotham hers for the greening.