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Our values and people practices Ausenco's core values form the cornerstone of everything we do. Following a worldwide search, Hamersley selected Ausenco and Clough Engineering Group, a Perth-based contractor, to form a strategic alliance to provide engineering and construction services for future expansions.

The initial production was planned to be 1mt million tonnes a year of copper concentrate, which is transported by slurry pipelines to the port. The project was executed under a PI Performance Incentive Contract where the owner and contractor share underruns and overruns.


Ausenco has significant experience with bulk-related turnkey projects carried out over the ausenco simulation dating 25 years, as well as projects in the minerals and metals mining and processing field. We are proud of our heritage and jogo do bicho online dating, and we build on that tradition through ausenco simulation dating strong sense of culture, safety first ethos and by delivering breakthrough performances.

Because of this, Ausenco believes that engineer-led EPC projects offer significant benefits to the owner due to the fact that it has performed all of the preliminary design and has worked extensively with the owner to develop excellent working relationships and a mutual high level of trust.

Benefits At Ausenco, we recognise that our entire team contributes to our success and it is important that we all have the opportunity to share in the associated rewards. Our six core values are: Safety in all we do The client is our focus Our people are our strength Respect the community, the environment We seek ingenious solutions We are open, honest and collaborative About Us Ausenco is an exciting, global organisation with a history of attracting visionary people who embrace challenges and discover innovative solutions to each and every project.

That's why we place a great deal of importance on our benefits package - we want to ensure that our remuneration and benefits are market-competitive so we can attract and retain the best people.

This project features the first fully enclosed boom of a quadrant shiploader to contain dust, setting new standards for environmental design.

We also recognise that developing our people is important and we offer support through internal programs and contributions to external studies where those studies are relevant to their professional development.

The more efficient work processes Ausenco implemented on the Constancia Project have now been extended to all subsequent projects. The model included the railcar loadouts at six mines, the railroads, railcar dumping, blending, stockpiling, reclaiming, screening and shiploading operations at the two terminals.

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Ausenco provided project engineering, procurement and construction management services as partner in a joint venture with SSK Montajes e Instalaciones S. Ausenco implemented more efficient work processes not only on this project, ausenco simulation dating also for all subsequent projects.

Significant time was saved checking drawings and models, on data transfer, and meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. The Collahuasi Copper Mine was developed in northern Chile and at the time was anticipated to be the third largest in the world.

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Planning, design, procurement, and construction Project value: The contract was completed three months ahead of schedule with an associated budget underrun. Every employee has a genuine opportunity to have a say and make a real difference here at Ausenco.

A key part of the master planning studies involved the analysis and simulation of operations. Opportunities and challenges At Ausenco we know that our commercial and technical success and our reputation for ingenuity are the direct results of the strength, diversity, creativity and expertise of our people.

The terminal is capable of annual export of 1. They enable us to discover through ingenuity and lead by example. Ausenco demonstrates significant expertise in delivery of turnkey contracts Ausenco believes that it is always important to complete thorough front end engineering on a project before entering into an EPC arrangement.

Facilities include receiving tanks for the overland slurry pipeline, slurry dewatering facilities, storage shed fortonnes of concentrate, conveyors from the filter plant to the storage building and from the storage building to the shiploader, berth for ships up to 50,dwt and associated infrastructure.

Outcome Through ProjectWise and the shared AutoPLANT database, minimal time was spent on checking drawings and models and transferring data, enabling Ausenco engineers to spend more time focusing on other important deliverables of the project such as optimization.

Trains consist of ore cars, each of tonnes nominal capacity. With ProjectWise tracking changes on all drawings as well as the linking to other systems, Ausenco was also easily able to obtain and manage documents for regulatory and compliance requirements.

Careers at Ausenco Working at Ausenco Working at Ausenco means being a part of a vibrant, culturally diverse company that nurtures creativity from all our people. Located 4, meters above sea level in a remote location in the Andes, the project presented unique engineering and construction challenges that required collaboration across teams in Australia, Canada, and Peru to align existing systems, expertise, and processes and ensure the successful delivery of the project.

We aim to empower our people through a strategy based on leadership, engagement and performance. Globally, Ausenco supports a number of benefits such as superannuation, pension or retirement fund plans and discounts on private health insurance providers.

For more information on Working at Ausenco please visit our company website: Planning, engineering, procurement, construction Project value: Engineering standards were established across offices reducing the project delivery timeframe.

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Site selection, port feasibility study, EPC development of the terminal Services: The seismic design of the shiploader illustrates state-of-the- art design approach permitting the shiploader to withstand a seismic event well in excess of the code requirements without significant damage.

A few selected examples of Ausenco's key bulk-related turnkey projects include: If you're looking for the opportunity to challenge yourself and create your own career, we encourage you to read about some of our job categories and search our current opportunities for a role that might suit you.

Overcoming the lack of any substantial overburden, the required pile design capacities were innovatively achieved by anchoring pile tips into bedrock. In addition, the company has provided design engineering services only the 'E' component of the EPC contract directly for the prime contractor.

Never settling for the status quo, we all have a license to be ingenious in all aspects of our work. This will lead to the project being successful and a win-win situation for both the owner and the EPC contractor.

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ProjectWise eliminated the majority of the risk associated with working across various offices and enabled Ausenco to establish consistent engineering standards across their teams. The irregular underwater bedrock profile and the presence of large boulders made pile installation very challenging.

The facility can accommodate vessels up to 60,dwt. The company considers that the most significant project improvements occur in the early planning, engineering, and construction methodology development.

Its company-owned railroad delivers ore from five mines in the Pilbara region, some km, to two Iron ore stockpiles at. Iron ore export terminal expansion and upgrades Services: Shiploader at the Collahuasi copper export terminal. Feasibility study, master plan, cost estimates, simulation modelling, definitive engineering and EPC services.

The master plan team examined many scenarios for expansion of one or both existing terminals while maintaining the growing throughput. Next, the definitive engineering studies were completed, followed immediately by provision of EPC services for the Dampier Port Upgrade Project which also included upgrades and new facilities for both the Parker Point and East Intercourse Island iron ore export terminals.

EPC of concentrate export terminal Services: The company has completed EPC engineering, procurement and construction projects as a prime contractor providing detailed design, procurement and full construction services; as JV Joint Venture partner with shared EPC project responsibilities; and as subcontractor to the prime contractor who retains overall project responsibility.

Ausenco demonstrates significant expertise in delivery of turnkey contracts Shiploading operations at the Antamina concentrate export terminal in Huarmey, Peru. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas Message: The trains are rotary dumped at either East Intercourse Island or Parker Point, where the ore is conveyed to either lump or fines stockpiles for blending prior to shiploading in vessels up to ,dwt size.

The master plan proposed expansion of the existing terminals in several incremental steps to suit the timing of new mine developments and market growth.