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The Li-lon batteries offer the ultimate in battery life.

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Like all Sound Devices products, the MixPre-6 is extremely durable. The MixPre-6 is super-compact — perfect for jobs on the run. Intuitive Operation The MixPre-6 bridges the gap between sound engineers, musicians and YouTubers with user-friendly navigation featuring Basic and Advanced modes.

It's an amazing product. See a list of Supported Cameras and download presets. The preamps are amazing quality.

Ready. Set. Record.

Codemasters F1 Audio Team "The first thing that strikes you is the build quality and form factor. The Kashmir mic preamps feature a dBV noise floor, analog limiters, and new bit A-to-D converters to ensure the highest quality audio recordings that far surpass those of other recorders using simple off-the-shelf IC-based mic preamps.

These high-performance, ultra-low-noise, discrete, Class-A mic preamps were hand-crafted by Sound Devices. Other key features include pan and soloing plus easy-to-see ring LED metering per channel.

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It features a responsive capacitive touch screen for incredibly simple and intuitive operation, and a bright, IPS technology, sunlight-readable color LCD for the ultimate in convenient navigation.

Check out some of the reviews! It's really beautifully engineered. While this plugin may be purchased from a smartphone, the plugin must be downloaded from the online store to a computer or SD card in a computer, in order for the plugin to be installed onto the MixPre.

They're really focused, warm and smooth, and lovely Constructed with a die-cast aluminum chassis, it is both lightweight and incredibly robust.

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The MixPre-6 also includes a 3. Flexible Powering Options For the ultimate in portability and convenience, the MixPre-6 has multiple powering options. It can be powered from AA batteries in a convenient detachable sled of either four or eight cells.

Also available is a sled that offers powering from up to two hot-swappable Sony L-Mount Li-Ion batteries. The groundbreaking MixPre-6 is a lightweight, high-resolution audio recorder with integrated USB audio streaming that offers world-class sound quality combined with extreme durability — perfect for musicians, sound designers, podcasters, videographers, YouTubers and field recordists.

Stereo Audio Mixer

Musician Plugin The Musician Plugin brings the essence of computer-based music production software to the super-compact MixPre-6 audio recorder. Designed to allow a user to start recording right out of the box, Basic mode takes the guesswork out of audio recording and is intended for stereo recording applications, such as interviews, video blogs, music or podcasts.

Handy for interviews, podcasts, or simply as a backup recorder to your computer, the MixPre can be used for Skype or Facetime interviews, and to record audio for podcasts or video blogs. Advanced Mixing Capabilities The MixPre-6 is a full-featured mixer that offers offers ergonomic gain control knobs for fast and accurate mixing.