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The next day Sunday the main procession comes through the city.

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Holding onto that rope isnt easy and the procession path goes on for miles. It was an early start and our boat started with a mass before breakfast.

The statue of the Virgin leaves the port on board of a military ship, followed by a colourful fleet of hundreds boat, sailing along the riverfront, acclaimed by enthusiastic crowds along the embankment.

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The Saturday before the main parade there is a large boat procession called the Romaria Fluvial. I do like to hear what other people think so it would be great if you could leave a comment.

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Barefoot faithfuls try to get closer the statue, carrying ex vote as bricks, legs, cars, or books representing their claim to the Virgin Mary. It's indeed an unusual atmosphere in a truly unique event, with activities one wouldn't expect such as coffee breaks and charity riffles; far from the conventional idea of what a assistir o cirio de nazare online dating celebration normally is.

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Luckily we were given tickets to a special viewing platform that gave us prime seats to see everything going on. You can read more about the history of the statueby clicking here.

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This is a huge symbol for the catholic population of the 37 dating script nulled graphics and they take it very seriously. Here the statue of the Virgin spends the night within the Salesian Chapel, where it gets decorated with flowers for the following day.

I felt this was a fantastic time to take along my camera and do a bit of photo journalism. This all revolves around a small statue of the lady which has been said to perform miracles.

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Its at this point health and safety really goes out the window! As I grew up in a Catholic Italian family this experience let me truly astonished and me realise how different the way people interpret the same religion across the world could be.

The heat, the human dancity and the physical struggle help create a quite dangerous scenario, that nobody wants to miss. As the statue passes people raise their hands to receive a blessing from the statue. We even seen two boats crashing into each other, fortunately they were ok.

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All of the boats gathered down river to meet the statue at its launch point. This is probably heat exhaustion or dehydration.

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People try to cut the rope in any possible way, struggling and fighting against those who want to steal it from their hands.

Many boats gather on the Amazon river to escort the statue from Icuaraci to Belem. Faithfuls also aim at cutting a piece of corda and keep it as the most precious memory of the event; but this is not as easy as it could seem. Those on board sing, pray and dance.

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Im amazed nobody fell overboard. The street is absolutely crammed with people and its 35 degrees Celsius in the midday sun. Lots of them do this walk in their bare feet, some even crawl the route which absolutely punishes their body.

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This is quite a tough task. The main day is Sunday, when the procession walks through the streets of city center, sorrounded by a massive crowd. Pilgrims also walk the route carrying an effigy of something they want or are thankful for e.

One of the biggest Catholic festivals happens each October in the city of Belem in the north of Brasil.

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Whether you are religious or not this is a must see as it is a true spectacle. Mark McCue Husband, dad, cook, cleaner, star wars geek, internet wizard, international man of mystery and I like to take photos when I get some spare time.

The statue is inside a golden carriage which is pulled by people who have promised to do this task as recompense for something that has happened in their lives or someone close to them. Throughout the procession all the boats try to get as close as they can to the large vessel which carries the statue.

Here is what the fuss is all about! The second week of October is the most important, when about two million faithfuls join the Sunday procession in honor of the Virgin of Nazareth.