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About Us EcologistDating is a collaboration between Loveandfriends. Look out for the 'Eco Leaf' Badges on profiles.

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Unsatisfactory as that might seem, the truth is it's vastly superior to the contribution of businesses and investors who should be called out on their splendid climate inaction. Razzouk is a Lebanese-British clean energy entrepreneur, investor and commentator.

One leaf would be someone just slightly eco friendly - perhaps they are on a partner site such as loveandfriends.

If we're serious about fighting climate change, we shouldn't have created the department in the first place.

Make China Great Again: They Both Want to Go Solar A few months before, at a gathering in May convened by the French government ahead of the Paris climate talks, Saudi Arabia's oil minister was asked about his country's strategy after the end of the oil era.

Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. If you have any suggestions for fine tuning our eco analysis system - please do let us know.

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A grey leaf indicates no eco clues have been found in their profile. Here are 10 developments you can count on in the energy and climate world. Members of EcologistDating are joining an existing database of many 10,s of people from a network of other high quality sites. These get assigned according to how eco friendly the computer analyses each profile to be.

For China Mid-way through the two-week negotiation sessions at the UN climate talks in Morocco in November, results of the US presidential election landed with a thud.

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An oil and gas-funded climate sceptic was elected president of the richest country in the world, the very same country leading climate change efforts over the past eight years.

We will keep exporting energy, except it will be solar power which we will sell to the world. Time to Grow up Everyone should be aware though few are of the mysterious GCF, an institution set up to change how we have been operating for over years, by financing and accelerating the world's shift away from oil, gas and coal towards clean energy economies and lifestyles.

Welcome Ecologist Dating is an online dating site for people who care about environmental issues and want to meet others interested in living ethically. The idea is to enable like-minded 'Eco friendly' people to find each other for love and friendship. Five leaves would indicated someone very eco friendly - for example they could be a vegan who directly joined EcologistDating.