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Kurenai gets pregnant right before Asuma dies, and she has not had her baby yet. During Obito 's flashback, it is revealed that Kurenai had met Asuma during the ninja's graduation ceremony.

Why does asuma die?

That was just something you had to accept as a ninja among other things as well. Answer I believe that he dies in part 2, during the fight with one of the Akatsuki members, who, I believe to be, Hidan, the more bloodlusty member of the group.

Like mostly every relationship - or at least, some - they had started off as friends. Dumplings are cooked balls of dough.

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Like, for instance, the fact that Ninja's typically didn't live long. Her red eyes dropped down to the gold band she had on her left ring finger, which would also serve as a reminder of her now deceased lover, and she smiled weakly, brushing her fingers over the gold band, mentally vowing to never remove it.

It was lonely without him. When Asuma died, a part of her died with him, and as much as she hated the fact that he was gone Does kurenai have a baby? They were in a close relationship, but they were never actually married. But when she had felt something terribly wrong when Asuma had briefed her on the mission he was about to go on, before leaving If you want to know what dojusu just ask!

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She is then shown later laying flowers at Asuma's grave during his funeral. To date, not yet. They are based on flour, potatoes, bread or matzoh meal, and may include meat, fish, or sweets.

No, Asuma is because he was one of the special Jounins of Konoha, with only Kakashi and Guy being stronger than him. During his mission, Asuma is fatally wounded. In the English dub, he states that there are many "kings", one of which is his own, currently in Kurenai's womb.

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Kurenai slowly moved her fingers from the gold band on her left ring finger, to her slightly bulging stomach, a faint smile on her features. He dies in Shippuden.

That thought, that realization was what eventually sent them into action, and gave them the courage to ask the one another out. I believe that he dies in part 2, during the fight with one of the Akatsuki members, who, I believe to be, Hidan, the more bloodlusty member of the group.

Kakashi,Asuma and Kurenai VS Gai,Shikaku and Anko

Though, of course, neither of them contained the courage to let the other know how they felt about the other - both of them feared that it would ruin their friendship, and both of them knew that even if they did return the other's feelings, that as ninja's, when getting romantically involved or even if you weren't romantically involved, you had to be prepared to experience death - whether it be through your friends, family, or whomever you held dear, or of importance - and be aware that anything could occur.

She then returns to water the flowers that Asuma had given her earlier. Of course, it didn't take long for Asuma to infer that something was troubling her, and as expected, when he questioned her about it, she had given him an honest answer - she saw no reason to lie, seeing as how they had known each other for so long - stating how the very thought of losing him scared her.

It is supported due to the scenes and moments that the two characters shared as well as the development of their relationship throughout the series. That answer, along with his understanding and reasoning, had eased her for a while, and as time still continued to pass on, she made the mistake of forgetting that either of them could die at any given moment.

The sky was a darkish-gray, and it was loitered with many gray clouds to match. I think so she has the red in and the line around her pupil but she dosent appear to have any tomoe an active sharingan requires at least 1. Evidence In the begining of the series.

It had been tough to wake up every day since the death of Asuma, and realize that the harsh reality where her lover was indeed no longer living was true. And from that point on, they had began dating in secret. The latter then quickly blushed and tried to change the subject.

Asuma Kurenai Date

Eventually, Shikamaru avenged Asuma's recent death by wrapping Hidan with exploding tags and bury him underground. The two worked together on numerous occasions throughout the series. Everything really seemed to be going great, and it was as if each day that passed, the more happier and excited she became at the thought of spending the rest of her life with him.

It is revealed that Kurenai's child is a girl and already part of a team protecting the Hokage.

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Asuma was killed before the child was born. Does kurenai have the sharingan? Ofcourse, Hidan is still alive, for he IS immortal, but he can't escape because his body was torn apart limb from limb.

The very fact that Ninja's didn't live very long - which had pushed the two together - also caused her to realize that at any moment or any second of the day, she could be snatched away from Asuma, and Asuma could be snatched away from her.

It wasn't as if they were ashamed of being seen with the other or anything of the sort - no, it was just the simple fact that they wanted their privacy, which they had both agreed to. Yes, Asuma was killed by Hidan; his funeral is in Naruto Shippuden: But, Kurenai wouldn't lie though.

It is recognized as one of the tragic couples in the Naruto Series. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Takes place sometime after the death of Asuma. No, it was more than that.

[VS] Kakashi,Asuma and Kurenai VS Gai,Shikaku and Anko

Improvement of someones answer Asuma dies in episode 79 by Hidan's jutsu. The usually bustling and crowded, busy streets of the Leaf Village were empty, not a soul in sight; for it was only natural that most of the inhabitants of the village would opt to stay inside as the weather appeared as if it'd only worsen as time passed on.

They were going to have a baby. Is kurenai stronger than asuma? They had known each other since they were nine, and both of them found their selves enjoying the other's presence and company. The emotions Kurenai felt ranged from shock, disbelief, sorrow, pain, and many other emotions she couldn't identify due to the fact that she was loudly sobbing, and mentally repeating how it couldn't be so, and how Asuma couldn't be dead.

One didn't have to be outside to know that strong gusts of winds were being released, for the nearby trees could be heard swaying