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It asks many basic questions and gives few answers — a film about the values of small spaces and the passing of time. It is a brilliant demonstration of great acting and a smart script.

Original Title: Araseriozuli Kaci

My Grandmother Chemi Bebia Long descendant of Blue Mountains, my grandmother is a Georgian avant-garde slapstick silent comedy that was banned in the Soviet Union for almost 50 years. The monastery image as a reminder of real certitude, the falling of leaves and araseriozuli kaci online dating of maturity, the amusing scenes and the wise manner to give to each scene its nimbus.

An Unserious Man Araseriozuli kaci Furthermore The leadGia Feradze gives a terrific and equally courageous performance as the self-destructive alcoholic with a romantic kind of childish nature.

The movie is filled with the expressions of deep humanity.

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Blue Mountains Tsisferi Mtebi And, most of all, the irresistible absentee characters: Playing football with motorcycles! This Soviet film about a deep and ancient Georgia is delicate, warm, relaxing and nostalgic. Modesty of decorations with the interest is completed by the imagination of director and by the bright game of actors.

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But it is special because its team has the courage to explore the heart of war in a form, which escapes ideological rules. The Eccentrics occurs in the complex and multidimensional peace, araseriozuli kaci online dating lives according to its, sufficiently simple sva svecenikova djeca online dating intelligible laws.

A father is in search of his son, on a long way in a cruel war.


Father of a Soldier Jariskacis Mama It is the work of an extraordinary director. Absurd humor, memorable characters and a fight with shadows abound. Falling Leaves Giorgobistve It features very fragile love story.

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And it features one of the yummiest scenes in movie history and shows delicious Georgian cuisine in a delicate and beautiful process of cooking. Three Houses Sami Sakhli Three houses creates great atmospheric medium and tells a story in three different eras of Georgian modern history.

Murmanidze, the one who never applied his signature, Kuparadze, the one who always gave a friendly call, and the elusive Givi, always hidden and silent behind the locked door of his office where the two thugs knock every day: Sure, it is not unique, many Soviet films present the war in different manners.

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Our greatest comedian and his funniest and heartfelt movie about misconception and humorous misunderstanding. Famous Georgian actress Sesilia Takaishvili Definitely, Blue Mountains remains a masterpiece of the most absurd humor possibly.

It is a film about a society with dead soul, a gallery of masks and hypocrisy, prisoners of the waste of time and victims in need to be only insignificant shadows of existence. Whereas later Georgian filmmakers became rather adept at slipping political criticism under the noses of the Soviet censors, this film ends with a completely unambiguous rallying call for the death of bureaucrats.

It is impressive, thought provoking and visually striking in experience. About love that has no social scale and that has no boundaries.

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A scene from the movie The Eccentrics Sherekilebi Wonderful cinematography and the soft, delicate humor of the film remains as an unforgettable journey. The film has superior technical narrative. Those important commentaries are packaged with hilarious scenes, dialogues and great performances.

Its storytelling is superior and even though it is shot for television, the movie stands exactly like a theatrical release. The Plea Vedreba The plea is essentially intellectual, yet emotionally stimulating too, it is as tough and rewarding a screen challenge as the moviegoer has had to face.

My Grandmother Chemi Bebia Lots of the creative techniques one associates with early Soviet cinema are on display here, but they are filtered through a sieve of early American slapstick and used mostly and most successfully for comedy.

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It has creepy, horror like imagery and one of the finest uses of camera in a history of Georgian cinema. It is a beautiful movie for its splendid grace, a grace that is just part of an admirable force. An Unserious Man Araseriozuli kaci This is an excellent film of lasting relevance. A film about communism, love, moral rectitude, and in a measure, about faith; A common fact in a wine factory and a decision that reveals the innocence of a young man.

A scene from the movie Blue Mountains Tsisferi Mtebi. At the same time, questions source about the time and its rules, about the sweet colors of childhood, about the lost figures, about expectations and feelings and about the land of birth.

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Imaginative and fresh, fast paced and precise - in a full contrast with the bureaucratic world it is depicting: Father of a Soldier is a very special movie because, after years and years, it remains fresh, touching and impressive.

It is technically brilliant and shines with great dialogue.

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The Plea Vedreba A unique experience of direct adaptation of the poetic text in cinema: This is art with a capital A. In same measure, it is a showcase of a special Eastern ability to discover and transform reality because the subject is the love: Three Houses Sami Sakhli Finally, in a new millennium Georgian cinema saw a movie that is artsy and has a compelling story rather than just another depressive movie about the horrors of drug dependency and street style.

This is a shatteringly realistic and morbidly fascinating film.

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