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That was very clear during the highly-energetic opening of Gimme. Pissed off cause somebody loves you.

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I hope you do! Yeah, I do believe that. I mean, we do it to ourselves too, but still… When there are people of authority who take advantage and nobody gets reprimanded then the system is totally against us.

I think women have the ability to bounce back a lot more than men.

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I think a lot of men would probably crack under pressure. I think women are powerful! You have six children, all boys. Thank you for speaking to that. The spiritual aspect is gone from our music.

Her performance at Mountain View Winery in Saratoga, CA last week just so happened to fall on the one day I consider more important than the other days of the year. Stop talking to me!

Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton

All I know consolidating debt definition for kids that, simply put, this show was strictly for grown ass folks.

Tell our Blavity readers, those who are fans and those just getting to know you and your artistry, what you want them to know about you. Part of the lyrics: They were giving you some good spiritual food in their music. What is it that drives your music? But that comes with maturity.

How does all of this affect your artistry, if at all?

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You want to speak about it. Singer-songwriter extraordinaire Anthony Hamilton is one of them. You have a choice. Pissed off cause you got a little more money for ya.

Maybe turning a year older opened up some senses I never had or long forgot about. Besides being the day I was born, the energy flowing from the stage was hypnotizing and spiritual.

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Words and Sounds Vol. To me, you represent the celebration of black love.

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Some of the phrases you use to describe your relationships with and how you relate to women are very interesting to me. Questlove invited her to join his band in the studio to record a track together.

Thank you for that background.

Jill Scott & Anthony Hamilton - So In Love (Instrumental)

Scott began her career in the performing arts unusually: They have this innate ability just to be strong, to be so strong, so mighty when things are really bad.

I think passion — being passionate about life, love and people fuels me to write the best things, the truest things… and love. What do you want to be most known for? Scott has since recorded three more studio albums to date.

You have freedom of speech. He is a Griot of our time, a secular praise singer reminding us all of the value of love, life, passion, and soul. Music has the ability to heal and destroy as it is sound, frequency and vibration. Live reviews Jill Scott If you ever attend a Jill Scott show expecting to hear her sing songs exactly as they are on her albums, you will always be disappointed.

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I love you anyway baby! Do you feel as an artist that it is your social responsibility to speak to it? I had a big dream from [when I was] a baby to make it big in the music industry and then I finally got a chance to go to New York with some guys.

She has achieved enormous success with her music, winning a number of highly prestigious awards including three Grammy Awards as well as several Soul Train and Lady of Soul awards.

Smiling as I go. Those are the real men, the ones who have strong integrity. They should be cherished.

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Apr 29 Apr 11 Interview: Can you give us some background on your career? I think the main drive now is popularity, popularity and financial gain as opposed to social and spiritual growth. The album went platinum. She achieved her breakout in to the music industry when she was discovered by Amir "Questlove" Thompson of the band the Roots.

Moving back and forth across the stage, she owned every inch of the space.