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Anika becomes jealous of Cookie as she notices Lucious' care for her, to the point that he even says audibly that he loves her, and then has sex with Cookie on two occasions.

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But when Cookie finally dares to confront her, Anika has no problem reminding Cookie that she is more than what she seems: They often refer to who is christina loren dating other using profane language, and Cookie has taken to calling her "boo-boo kitty" Anika tries often to sabotage Cookie's endeavors, going so far as to even drug one of the artists that she is in charge of so that she anika calhoun dating games incapable of performing.

In the season two finale, Lucious marries Anika in order to prevent her from testifying in court against him.


When Lucious proposes to her, she accepts happily, though her parents, especially her mother, are more hesitant, due to the fact that Lucious has been prone to committing acts of infidelity in the past.

When Lucious reveals to her that he's sick with ALS, Anika stands by his side and seeks out solutions immediately. What's undeniable, however, is the ongoing chemistry between Lucious and Cookie, which threatens to break up Lucious and Anika.

However, Lucious is something of a philanderer, although it's not apparent if Anika knows. Call it special treatment given that Lucious is the CEO, but Anika's acquired artists are always prioritized at Empire, regardless of their cost to the music label.

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They later have a fight in the season one finale, when confronting one another during a meeting to discuss a future hostile takeover of Empire. Anika plants the idea of a hostile takeover in Hakeem's mind, and helps him try to usurp control of the company.

When Cookie reveals to her that they had had sex a second time, Anika throws away her wedding ring and begins plotting against Lucious with his rival, Billy. Anika remains as dignified as possible, but the fiery and outspoken Cookie can bring out the worst in anyone.

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The moment that Cookie comes back home from serving time in prison for drug dealing, Anika feels understandably threatened. When Cookie returns to Empire, Anika handles it graciously despite their occasional verbal sparring.

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Perhaps it's well deserved: However, when she discovers Lucious and Cookie in bed with one another, she feels betrayed. Grace Byers Anika Calhoun was a main character in the television series, Empire. She discovers that her father lied about Lucious' ALS and signed an official document stating that nothing was wrong with him so that Empire could become public.

In an effort to prevent him from dumping her, Anika threatens to release confidential information that could potentially destroy the company if he does not marry her immediately, and if he does not announce their marriage publicly in front of Cookie.

Cookie Lyon Anika's dislike of Cookie has increased steadily as the show progresses.

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Anika began to fall in love with Hakeem after Hakeem hooked up with her again and was impregnated with his baby, as season 2 progresses her love for Hakeem begins to turn into an obsession as she begins to stalk him and his girlfriend.

Relationships Lucious Lyon Anika has a somewhat close relationship with Lucious in the start of the series, however it begins to deteriorate as the series progresses. Her love for him diminishes, though her obsession with him does not.

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Anika trying to escape Rhonda says "Karmas a bitch" then Anika falls onto a glass table dying after looking at Rhonda. Personally appointed by Lucious Lyon for her unique ear and artistic sensibility, Anika helped launch the careers of artists on the Empire label.

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Anika oversees nine of the top acts at Empire, and has many connections that help keep the label prosperous.

Andre Lyon drugged her causing her to see Rhonda.

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She continues to act protective around him due to her growing distaste with his ex wife, Cookie. Hakeem Lyon When Hakeem dissed Lucious publicly due to his newfound hatred of him after finding out he had Camilla extradited, Hakeem went to Creedmoor to discuss a label signing with Beretti, at which point both he and Anika hooked up, something Lucious witnessed, and then went to Hakeem's place and had sex, both simply doing it to get back at Lucious.

She was Lucious' ex-wife and the mother of Bella Lyon.

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