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Will they end up together despite all the obstacles that they are going to face? Moving forward to the older main cast, I was worried they weren't going to be able to portray the feelings the younger cast did, but they did. She tried to portray her character, which was perfect and annoying at the same time.

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Mar 09 8: The younger cast was amazing!. Mar 20 7: Good acting and scene.

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After ep 10 it went really downhill. Direction is good too. Teddy falls in love at first sight with Park Hye-joo. It was heartwarming, cute and refreshing.

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Top marks for the characters and their actors Ki Woon-Chan Teddy Seo who gave much needed comic relief! They meet each other again. But, then it died a sudden death, as if an inexperienced writer suddenly took the reins.

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It was a sweet cute love, and the actors really had chemistry. Jung Jin-young as Yoon Jae-beom Soo-wan's father. It could've been paced a bit faster, and there were some unnecessary scenes.

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Another KD that should have been eps, not This was mainly due to the acting of the younger actors. Twelve years later, Soo-wan now works as an emergency rescue worker, while Dong-joo is a surgeon.

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He speaks Korean with a Chungcheong accent after being raised by his grandmother in the south. From 15 on I wanted to pull out the hair of the scriptwriter.

Mar 06 6: The casting was perfect, and the music was refreshing and catchy. Also "Love to Much" Yoon Gun. What the hell with the number.

It was more interesting to watch the side stories with the team.

So, if this was two dramas would be 4 stars, and would be 1 or zero for me. I looked forward to each episode. It was able to reeled me in despite the terrible animation editing, it was painfully cheesy. I guess the producers want to milk it, then wonder why the ratings drop towards the end as they did on this drama.

Kang Ha-Neul was super, too, as the younger Dylan although he looked so different from Lee Sang-Yoon, the physical casting was strange. I enjoyed parts where there was cheerful interaction between the main characters, or scenes with Dong-Joo and the father.

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I really enjoy episode 1, 6, and Other than that, it's an okay drama. Mar 27 There was also a constant battle of I-have-to-give-you-up-in-order-for-you-to-be-happy-because-you-deserve-better situation between Soo-Wan and Dong-Joo that became really tedious.