Phoebe Tonkin is rumored to be with Paul Wesley - Dating and Relationships - Zimbio Phoebe Tonkin is rumored to be with Paul Wesley - Dating and Relationships - Zimbio

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What about Phoebe Tonkin She is a star in H20 too?

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February 14 She is also a Australian actress she best known for her role in Season of H2O: Some people say Rihannha, some people Scarlet But most people say Rihanna. Whats phoebe tonkins middle name?

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Private numbers are not allowed to be posted here- if someone hasofficial fan contact info. However it appears that the star may have finally moved on from Lucy Hale and has found a new love in his cat dating profile pepperoni. There have been reports that Chris Zylka is dating his former The Secret Circle co-star Phoebe Tonkin, after a few rather interesting tweets recently.

Phoebe Tonkin dating Chris Zylka?

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Phoebe Tonkin interview Fan Uploads: Yes she is dating jarrah tutton 1 person found this useful Who was Phoebe? Yes she does go on google and typre in h2o just add water cleo and you will see her.

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Rarely when she does it's when she goes to party's otherwise at home and somewhere else she never drinks Is Phoebe Tonkin a model? Of course they were friends between these casting process's Does Phoebe Tonkin have her ears pierced?

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Is phoebe tonkin dating angus mclaren? Yes, Phoebe is a model she has modelled for all different magazines. Chris Zylka split from Lucy Hale last year He used to star in The Secret Circle with Phoebe Tonkins The two stars are rumoured to be dating Follow fansshare While Chris Zylka and Lucy Hale were not exactly in a seriously long-term relationship, quite a few people were surprised when, in September last year, the couple confirmed that they had decided to go their own separate ways.

Where does Phoebe Tonkin live? Phoebe Tonkin reveals her cleavage in gutsy denim ad 13th November What is phoebe tonkins cell phone number?

Who is Phoebe Tonkin?

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Phoebe Tonkin overcomes 'ordinary' fears to become Hollywood leading lady 23rd March The Secret Circle got cancelled because there was not enough ratings and the expenses were too high, so Phoebe was cast on the Vampire Diaries with Claire Holt!

She plays as Cleo and she is a Top model. Yes, she does - Although she doesn't seem to wear earrings very often, there's a picture from one of her modelling jobs where she's wearing some big hoop earrings.

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Claire said they have become very close and never argue, they are always messing around and having a laugh Does phoebe tonkin has a baby?

Phoebe Tonkin's best friend is known to be Claire Holt.

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Following the split, Chris made his heart break clear with a number of tweets about Lucy. While nothing official has been confirmed by either of the stars, it does appear that Phoebe Tonkin and Chris Zylka are dating.

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Shes not a very nice person she does naughty things. Phoebe Tonkin shows 'star' acting range and beauty in Frame Denim video 16th December