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Who do you think he looked up to more? The ones who graduated I kept running into in the fleet, sometimes in places like the Philippines. Herein lays the film's most problematic message -- that physical intimidation, psychological bullying, and outright degradation are okay in the frame of military service.

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Add your rating What's the story? Despite the fact that there is some serious license taken with reality, the movie captures the intensity and high stakes of OCS, and how people who barely know each other become bonded so quickly; how the least likely candidates sometimes become the star performers; how some people are changed beyond recognition by the experience.

Families could talk about the depiction of female characters in the movie. A lot of us considered it one of the best movies ever made. The second most unrealistic thing was the foul language. The locals actually called schuhbedarf online dating behind our backs "cockroaches" because we wore all black and had to run away to our barracks by 10 pm.

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I say 10 stars. How is she different than both Paula and Lynette?

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No we did not have martial arts duels. More true than you might think. I always wondered what happened to the candidates in my class who DE'd.

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All in all, however, the essence of the experience, if not the specifics, is found in the movie. The most unrealistic thing about the movie was the premise that local girls want to marry officer candidates.

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At the same time, families who watch this together could discuss these behaviors -- and how they relate to both men and women in the military. There was never a lack of old hands like Sid's father, telling you you had it easy because of some difference in the rules he didn't enjoy 10 years earlier.

They try to entice soldiers into sex, marriage, and commitment against their will. In this equation, women are depicted very poorly. How are Paula, Lynette, and Seeger portrayed differently?

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Is Zack treated fairly by Sgt. DOR is translated by Foley as "drop on request".

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The vulgar language, sexual overtones, and predatory nature of these relationships make this film too intense for young viewers. Families can talk about the relationships that Zack has with his father and with Sgt.

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Was this review helpful to you? Inthe terminology was DE, which meant dis enroll. Foley Louis Gossett Jr. That comes later, in the fleet, but not in OCS.

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Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Paula and Lynette are painted as trashy, scheming girls on the make. After college graduation, Zack follows in his father's footsteps by enlisting in the Navy's flight school.

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The VHS version gets only 8 because of changes to the soundtrack songs. The majority of the film chronicles Zack's time in basic training -- the friends he meets, the battles he fights, the mistakes he makes, his inability to fully commit to girlfriend Paula Debra Wingerand the father figure he finds in Sgt.

Unfortunately, Zach's dad treats him more like a drinking buddy than a son. Why did Seeger have a hard time in the military?