Ambrane P mAh Price in India August 8, Ambrane P mAh Price in India August 8,

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Ambrane P-1310 13000mAh PowerBank

In case of a problem, simply contact any Ambrane authorized service centre across India to get the issue resolved. The sleek design and black and grey colour make it look desirable too.

Safety Powered with Samsung cell lithium-ion battery, the Ambrane mAh power bank uses advanced chipsets which makes the charger highly safe to use.

Enjoy the pleasures of your smart phone for longer period with this highly convenient Power Bank. You fantoci online dating carry this power bank where ever you go, there is no need to charge your gadgets through an electrical outlet.

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The device is easily available online at competitive prices. This means that if you are using a mAh battery smartphone, you will be able to charge it approximately 5 times with a fully charged power bank. Having capacity of mAh No hectic in maintenance Relatively low self discharge as compared to other High energy density.

The device requires a micro USB connector for input charge. In the Box On purchasing the Ambrane mAh power bank from Snapdeal, you get the following items along with the package: The device comes with a micro connector and is under a manufacturer warranty cover of one year.

The compatibility is also not specific to a particular brand. Additional features The power bank has an LED indicator which displays the status of charge to the user.

Ambrane Powe Bank P-1310

Power This portable charger by Ambrane comes with a mAh capacity. You can contact Ambrane through their customer care number and they will direct you to the nearest authorized service centre. All the buttons, lights and ports are placed ergonomically to ensure ease of use for the user.

These cells are having efficient and precise capability of charging i-phones, smart phones and tablets. This portable charger is a high capacity charger with mAh power.

The large battery capacity also makes it capable of charging devices with a high battery capacity.

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The power bank can be used to charge devices ranging from smartphones to tablets and digital cameras to music players. Devices across brands can be easily connected to this power bank. The mentioned warranty covers any manufacturing defect that occurs within a year from the date of purchase.

It has been given a balanced body for optimum grip and a slim design, which enables you to keep the charger in your pocket or handbag. The incredible capacity of the power bank makes sure that your gadgets never run dry on battery.

Thus, enjoy the ease of keeping your precious devices charged all the time. The Ambrane Power Bank P mAh uses state-of-the-art chipsets which are not only safer, but also improve the charging conversion rate for each of your devices.

Compatibility Ambrane has provided enough capacity in the power bank to make it compatible with most of the devices.

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Flaunting a stylish and sleek body, this power bank has been designed ergonomically. Design Sleek body and black—white colour combination makes the Ambrane mAh power bank a classy looking power bank.

Its compact dimensions of 62mmxmmx The two ports can be used simultaneously to charge two devices. Battery and capacity The device has a Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of mAh.

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Input and output voltage The power bank has a single input and dual outputs. The Ambrane power bank has indicator lights and LED torch.

Overview Charge your smartphone whenever you want with Ambrane mAh power bank and never run out of battery. Never let your gadgets run out of power with Ambrane Portable Charger P The high capacity makes it very useful in case you need to charge a device multiple times, or you need to charge multiple devices at once.