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Those of you who think he is gay are totally wrong! Fans of Arsenal The British native was especially proud of his efforts to convert his pal to become a supporter of his football soccer team. They have from his camera from Wizards vs.

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Asked whether she'll keep the house and the kittens, Thorne tweeted"I get the babies. Gregg is looking for a smart, honest girl with a beautiful smile. No he is not!

I think that they are because, they dated on suite life on deck. I don't know what those two walls look like knocked down; I have no idea. Did Miley Cyrus date gregg sulkin?

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Oh, and he even mentioned that the color of the jersey complimented her "pretty and lovely shaped lips. Unintentional matching attire According to Bella, this is what happens when you've known someone for a bit of time.

He has never done any of this with a man. Yes he has and she is called Sarah Storms. Sulkin and Thorne started out as a friends, so it's no surprise that they'll continue to be pals post-split. Well she does have a crush on Dylan sprouse but she is dating Keanu Pires.

Believe me its him!

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Who dating Debby Ryan? I'm not lying it is actually him you could see his pics. Everyone knows that they are because they wouldn't date on a t. This is why I think they are dating in real life too.

You just made the scream franchise that much better ; Getting to know the Sulkins B got to know G's folks during a recent visit to the City of Angels.

Please, hold your " screams " for a second According to new reportsthe "Scream" starlet who is making her network debut on June 30! It's said that Gregg liked Miley, but she was already dating someone at the time. And by the looks of it, the introduction went swimmingly.

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Behold, the proof of Grella in action: Does Gregg Sulkin have a girlfriend? We worked really well together on everything, on the color scheme and it's great because we have very different ideas," Thorne, a former Disney Channel star, told AOL in June.

Beach babes Ahhhhh, the sun and the sand. Is Gregg Sulkin single? More specifically, going to visit a "big balloon" with "one very beautiful girl.

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Werewolves having a party outside. And he Is a Nice Guy: You deserve everything and more Before they became an item last summer, the couple had known each other for over six years. Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin announced Monday that they have mutually decided to break up after one year of dating.

Although, Gregg and Miley did email each other while she was still in the relationship!

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She never broke up with her boyfriend to date Gregg. Yung Rolo, the same guy who was rumor to be dating Selena Gomez but is and was not. They are a very cute couple.

They make a great couple he is single, watch an interview Does Gregg Sulkin have a Facebook?

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He is so hot honest no does not lie and make her jokes first. Also because they have pics of a pool party and not with the cast. I'm much more of a homebody and so is Gregg.

And the perfect companion to take in those waves.