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In more thorough interviews he simply said that it was never intended to portray rape. Public domain and Wikipedia: Copyrights for more details. If this file is freely licensed, but otherwise unsuitable for Commons e. Graves also made factually inaccurate statements in his DVD commentary track for episode 4.

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If this file has problems with attributioncopyrightor is otherwise ineligible for Commons, then remove this tag and DO NOT transfer it; repeat violators may be blocked from editing. Graves said he felt it was better for Tyrion and Jaime to just part with a hug, rather than Jaime revealing the truth about Tysha as he did in the books.

His daily routine for the days of Season 4 shooting season was to wake up at 5 a. Graves had after 10th degree courses in bangalore dating cut on the scene's editing.

Alex Graves

File mover What files should be renamed? Among Graves's other comments, he assumed Tyrion knew his way around the tunnels in the Red Keep "because he grew up there" - when he grew up at Casterly Rock, didn't live in the capital city, and apparently knew the tunnels from a map Varys gave him.

For Game of ThronesGraves works as a director starting in the third season. Other jurisdictions may have other rules, and this image might not be in the public domain outside the United States.

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When asked about it in interviews, he often used blunt or poor choices of words which were also criticized, such as that the sex scene was "consensual by the end" - which many critics felt was a very insensitive phrasing to use relative to the subject matter.

As Turner explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly a day after this wedding night scene aired: Moving files to Commons for details.

Instead, Turner said, "So I get the scripts and I was so excited and I was flicking through and then I was like, "Aw, are you kidding me!? He also said he thought that Tormund "loved" Ygritte and Sandor Clegane "loved" Arya Stark - from the context he said it, apparently in the sense of romantic love, not paternal love.

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He was saying, 'You get a love interest next season. Actress Sophie Turner Sansa was herself first "informed" of the change from the books, which involved her character now being raped, as part of a joke that director Alex Graves made at her expense during filming of Season 4 - taunting Turner by leading her to believe she was getting her romantic love interest from the books, when he privately knew the showrunners intended for her character to be raped in the next season.

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Graves also commented that he thought Tysha was dead "Tyrion's first wife, who died" even though nothing ever indicated that. As comments from the cast members and footage analysis confirm, it was filmed as a consensual sex scene - but simply filmed and edited so poorly by Graves that it accidentally looked like Jaime was raping Cersei.

In particular, he revealed that he actually lobbied against the TV show including the revelation about Tysha as the main reason that Tyrion Lannister kills his father Tywin Tysha was in fact not a prostitute, truly was a farmer's daughter who fell in love with Tyrion, and Tywin just tricked him into thinking she was a prostitute so he wouldn't even get to enjoy the memory of their love as real - and it meant that Tywin's guards indeed raped Tyrion's lawful wife.

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