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But she remained popular with fans, did not affiliate herself with the League, and the most heelish things she did were the occasional Wounded Gazelle Gambit to distract Ryback when he and Rusev were squaring off for several weeks. Third, she has some acting experience.

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For a long time she was known for never breaking Kayfabe, even though it's dead and buried six feet under. His relationship with Lana is this, sort of, being that Rusev is honor-bound to protect Lana from every guy that so much as looks at her too long.

In any case, for someone who claims to have gotten over it, he really hasn't gotten over it. Get used to seeing this. He appeared quite different originally on NXT. During the WrestleMania event, Lana wore a white fox wrap over one shoulder as part of the duo's particular image of Glorious Mother Russia.

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Within few days, he had a serious injury as he tore anterior cruciate ligament and his meniscus. Was an entrant in the Royal Rumble, several weeks before making his Raw debut.

Rusev then participated in the annual Royal Rumble matchas the 1 entrant at the namesake pay-per-viewlasting over 30 minutes, but was eliminated by Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt.

A Bulgarian example, but loyal to Mother Russia nonetheless. Hoist by His Own Petard: In one shot the blonde was showing off her midriff in a photo taken in a mirror Tough guy: This resulted in a triple threat match, where the winner would face Cena, which Rusev won after pinning Cesaro, as Owens had left the match early on.

She is a former model and actress turned professional wrestling figure. Granted, the guy had been a face in the eyes of the fans literally for months leading up to that point, but that spot just made it official.

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However, both English and Rusev were attacked by Orton. Took wrestling training at the Knokx Pro Wrestling Academy After years of rowing and powerlifting, Rusev decided to pursue his career as a wrestler.

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When she first debuted on NXT, she merely wore fashionable dresses and her hair down before eventually adopting her iconic look of business suits with a Prim and Proper Bun.

He took his wrestling training at the Knokx Pro Wrestling Academy.

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Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, the week after next week, next month, the month after next month, next year, and the year after next year, is always Some time into the beginning of his run, the "Alexander" was dropped from his name completely, and he simply became known as "Rusev.

The year-old Bulgarian athlete asked for her hand in marriage by the pool of their Nashville home in September, TMZ reported.

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The beauty had on a short top and tight, ripped jeans. Yup, heel Lana definitely qualifies as a villainous version of this.

Following their breakup and reunion, they seem to have developed an admiration for the American life but still find it fitting to conquer their enemies in the name of their own nations.

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Given that Lana is a very stare-inducing lady, he gets into a lot of fights. When Rusev began to threaten Lana, Dolph Ziggler came out to step in, and he and Lana kissed passionately in the ring.

At the Royal RumbleRusev entered the Rumble match at number 15, eliminating six other contestants and placing second overall. Turned back after getting engaged to Rusev, later feuding with Brie Bella. Has a thick figure and is also shown to be very strong.

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He was defeated by Styles at Extreme Rules. Sported a thick goatee from his earliest days in the WWE to fit the image of burly Russian men having thick beards.

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At Royal RumbleRusev would enter the Rumble match at number eighteen, lasting over 20 minutes before being eliminated by Goldberg. Second, she's really hot.

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If she's getting the nod so quickly, someone in management must really like her. After she was moved to SmackDown during the Superstar Shakeup, a vignette aired hinting this will be her next gimmick.

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What's more, the linked article takes care to point out that he was the one who proposed. Lana initially did most of his talking for him. The League of Nations It was six minutes of Rusev being punished on live national television for getting engaged to his longtime girlfriend