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Create the required VGs only on the first node.

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How will you see the wwpn number of new lpar? The clcomd daemon is started automatically at boot time by the init process. What is use of user limits file? While creating the virtual Ethernet adapter for SEA what we have to select for that adapter? How do you know backup will work or not which is taken before migration?

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What are you hesitating? For PowerHA, a new volume group should be configured as concurrent-capable configured by the -C option of the mkvg command.

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On both nodes, make sure that the disk attributes are set correctly. With it, you can not participate in the expensive hacmp for aix 5l training classes, it saved a lot of time, and its a better learning effect.

Finally, the major number should be set in the example below: Once done, ensure that the volume group is varied off, for example for volume group fs01vg: If you are like me, who are learning a examination, please visit this site hacmp for aix 5l.

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How will you see the wwpn number for running lpar? How can you increase max processing units value in caped mode?

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Create all the necessary filesystems on each LV created…. What is control channel? All cluster nodes must run the grpglsmd daemon.

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We have 4 lpars with same vlanbut sea is not configured, what will happen? After upgradation of vios lpar showing some pv are in missing. Then select diskhb and Press enter. First, verify that the cluster is in a good state by running: The clinfo daemon is optional on cluster nodes and clients.

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To check the Majar no. Destroy the content of logLV by: Resource Monitoring and Control Subsystem This RSCT subsystem acts as a resource monitor for the event management subsystem and provides information about the operating system characteristics and utilization.

Configure shared storage on both the nodes.

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How will you see wwpn numbers after npiv configuration? It is a client of the cluster manager and works with the Simple Network Management Protocol snmpd daemon. On the other node, run the importvg command to import the volume group which also imports the information about any logical volumes and file systems configured in that volume groupusing the PVID of one of the disks, and the major number previously defined, for example: The node after that is secondary node.

Pick one of the disks on which you configured the volume group on the first node, and take that disk's PVID, for example 00facb28b The textbook contains questions and answers, a part of important test also provides the explanation, make you more convenient memory.

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Next, sync the cluster, which should bring the volume group s online: Here you have to actually assign the resources to the resource groups.