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Ad Creative Development Media Planning Help Based on your objectives,target audience and budget our experts will help you book Ads in the right radio stations at the right right times at the right cost.

Prime Times are our costliest offering yet The Entire Day package is most fruitful one. Discounts also depends on crisp information from the advert.

Radio Air Rainbow 106 FM in Delhi

Ad Frequency You need to play your Ad's atleast 5 times daily. Technological improvements in the field of sound recording tempted young music lovers to opt for other modes of listening to music. AIR was the pioneer in bringing FM radio to listeners in the country.

Booking Deadline Make sure to book your ads at least 2 days prior to the release date.

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It is a composite blend of information and entertainment with one third of its contents devoted to news and current affairs. So if you play a second Ad 4 times for 7 days, the cost would be Rs.

Play more than 1 Creative Simply let us know you need to rotate your ad creative playlist and we would do the rest.

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It is the only channel which has News and Current Affairs in its programming. Recording A Jingle If your bill amounts to Rs.

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It also airs live commentary for Indian sports. FM Rainbow became very popular among discerning audience within a short time due to its eclectic programming and old Hindi songs.

Final Proof of Execution A Broadcast Certification Ad rates charged on per seconds If our website lists Rs as the rate for a radio station in a city, it means that if you play a second ad once on that radio station in that city, it would cost Rs.

Delhi Locations

It was initially designed to broadcast only classics of music, drama and literature. Composite news programmes in Hindi and English originating from Delhi are exclusively broadcast every morning, midday and evening for a duration of 30 minutes each.

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The presentation style became fast paced and informal to suit the changing listener profile. Service Tax is Mandatory Since buying ad spots is a service, our clients need to pay a The vibrant programming and quality reception caught the imagination of the youngsters and allured them to come closer to their radio.

The more the volume, the lower ad rates you will get. FM transmission on radio effectively served this purpose by ensuring noise free high quality reception to its listeners.

It also broadcasts news at every hour.

AIR FM Rainbow Delhi

Another speciality of that period was the daily Phone-in counselling shows involving educational, psychiatric, legal, marriage, home decor, interior decoration, hobbies like music, painting, photography, dance and many more very innovative subjects. Tracking a Campaign We share with you a log report to help you enable trace your Ad.

Ad Campaign Cost depends upon Your Ad campaign cost depends on the choice of your radio station, location, Ad duration, tenure, frequency and Ad slot.

A professionally prepared jingle by Jingle India will cost you Rs.

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In Chennai, it broadcasts Tamil songs and occasional English songs with news in English and Tamil operating in The first FM Channel was launched on an experimental basis in in Chennai. First Time Advertiser If you are a first time advertiser you will get the bets negotiated deals and incase you have already inquired for rates elsewhere or have advertised before the rate shared with you by the radio station would be the final one.

Programmes[ edit ] FM Rainbow, formerly FM-1, is a metro channel using "Hinglish" which broadcasts a mix of Hindi film music and western pop music. This was a channel to cater primarily to the young listener on the move.

According to recent[ when? Listeners of All India Radio thus got exposed to hi-fidelity sound quality for the first time.

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In its round the clock broadcast, radio listeners were served with a varied menu of new formats of entertainment. Hi—fi, stereo sound on digital electronic equipments became preferred and fashionable.

FM transmission subsequently got a huge boost with the opening up of radio broadcast to private players.