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Complete cost of importing one container of bamboo sticks from china is around 20lakh rupees and it takes 40 days to reach India.

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Their uncompromising attitude towards client satisfaction has resulted in building a strong rapport with its domestic and international clients. For example, you can produce raw agarbatti without scent and sell them in market. This profit margin is actual data in north India and it may vary in southern part of India.

These Incense Sticks are used in large number in various religious and other ceremonial places. One container contains 25 tons of bamboo sticks.

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The very first step in any business will be to conceive the idea and what I mean by conceiving the idea is to form the whole virtual picture in your mind before even you start to speak about it. P V Radha Krishna Gupta founded Balaji Agarbatti Company in Bangalore in the year with a vision to produce premium quality products offering highest value for money to its consumers.

Agarbattis can be produced or manufactured either with the agarbatti business with buyback agreement in bangalore dating of machineries or with hands, the difference being a cottage industry and an SSI. Now, that you have done your homework well and know for sure the raw materials, machineries, space, manpower, demand for your Agarbatti is going to be.

For the convenience of our clients, we provide them with after-sales support like user manual. This type of agarbatti manufacturing machine is the largest selling since it is one way to reduce cost while keeping production at pace.

Owing to our notable efforts, we have been able to expand our client-base across Indian Subcontinent. Next comes the raw materials which is very crucial and this includes the composition of mixture drying procedure and packaging. Scented agarbatti has more profit and in north India it is around Rs20 — Rs25 per Kg.

Today, its young, energetic and passionate team of management believes speed dating clock movements follows the same vision on which the company was founded. In the s, the next generation entrepreneur, Late Mr.

We are supported by robust manufacturing unit, which is installed with technically advanced machines and all the required facilities.

I shall today walk you through the baby steps right from Stage-I of manufacturing Agarbattis till making profit margins out of it as well marketing it and finding a fair market share in India as well as export markets. Agarbatti manufacturing business is a highly potential and profitable business if you are willing to learn the ropes quickly and not to miss out the fact that it can be as small as a Cottage Industry hence you can find plenty of people around the country, especially women making Agarbattis at home.

In the long run these machines might have to be replaced because the very core purpose of any business is growth and increasing production and turnover. Profit margin in raw agarbatti is around Rs10 per Kg. Read more Connect with Us.

It also has the flexibility to produce and design incense and dhoop sticks for specific markets within a short period.

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The Machinery for Agarbatti Manufacturing: Balaji Agarbatti Company, the most respected brand for quality and trust, has a reputation of introducing new and innovative products in the industry. Balaji Agarbatti Company has various brands in its portfolio which are specially designed for International Markets.

Rao', we have been able to achieve desired results easily. As you can see that the profit in importing bamboo sticks from china is very high and you can make in 40 days because import takes 40 days to reach India. Bamboo sticks are usually high in demand in India because of import issue. Under the able guidance of our mentor, 'Mr.

Hence, before zeroing on with a manual machine we need to go deep into our long term vision and business mission. The following raw materials are required for manufacturing Agarbattis; Sticky powder Gum Powder.

This simply means that competition can be neck tight and you need to device a solid manufacturing process with the right raw materials and machineries as per demand and quality of your Agarbattis. Her creative imagination and in-depth knowledge of prevailing market dynamics have helped us in establishing a prominent place in the industry.

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Every element in Agarbatti Manufacturing process need to be perfect and in tune to your business plan. Our professionals process these sticks as per traditional and innovative ways.

Bamboo Sticks — Agarbatti Business Sub-Category Bamboo sticks is the backbone of agarbatti business and the only country who produces bamboo sticks are China and Vietnam. All the products are created with a high degree of perfection.

So, basically there are three sub-category in this business: Our range of products is extensively appreciated for its varied features such as non-polluting, herbal and best alternative against room freshener, mood enhancers and aroma therapeutics. More than 90 countries use Agarbattis and India is the sole producer of these Incense Sticks that caters to the demands of all countries worldwide.

Also, Bamboo sticks sells like crazy and you do not need to worry about the market. Semi-Automatic machines are slightly less efficient as compared to the fully automatic ones on the basis of labor requirement and production capacity but are less expensive and might require less maintenance.

Selling price of bamboo sticks in Indian market is Rs — Rs per Kg. One staff can make 15kg of agarbatti in one day manually without machine, and the same staff will produce Kg per day with the help of automatic machine.

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For any international trade enquiries, Please Click here Company Terms and conditions About Company Balaji Agarbatti Company, the most respected brand for quality and trust, has a reputation of introducing new and innovative products in the industry.

Now, how to start agarbatti business from home? Each and every product is personified and made to go through a rigorous process of quality control. You can directly supply the sticks to your clients from Kolkata port.

All the sophisticated machines installed at our manufacturing unit are manned by our efficient team of professionals, which ensures to provide exquisite range of products at cost effective prices.