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Accommodatingly, example sentences containing 'accommodating'

But you have been unusually accommodating lately.

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By the end of there wereaccommodating 12, chae soo bin dating. Boxes which our accommodating but unobservant driver has since delivered. The Claimant seeks compensation for the costs of repairing real property damage to the Al Fajr Primary school building resulting from accommodating Kuwaiti refugees.

Accommodating these special interests in an open and transparent planning process is desirable and potentially can be an effective route to sustainable development.

Conjugation Other translations An inspection of the vaults of the country's Accommodatingly Trade Bank might be a good place to start, however, as well as those of some accommodatingly unscrupulous banks offshore.

Accommodate (one) with

The Claimant states that the vast majority of the damage arose as a result of accommodating Kuwaiti refugees in the Eastern Province. The Netherlands has nursing homes, accommodating 62, beds.

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Display more examples Results: Suggest an example A publication entitled Accommodating Equality: One hundred and twenty-three shelters accommodating persons were rehabilitated with project funding during the reporting period. He described a series of steps which in his view could be useful in accommodating minority interests.

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The body has a cylindrical cavity for accommodating the core, a cavity for accommodating the catch and coaxial openings for the flexible element. It has proven itself flexible in accommodating new requirements in changing situations.

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The Claimant seeks compensation for other tangible property losses it alleges were incurred as a result of accommodating Kuwaiti refugees in its buildings.

Nearly every resident contributed to the conference one way or another, particularly in accommodating this huge and sudden influx of visitors. Budget allocated for prisons accommodating inmates sentenced to life imprisonment remained inadequate.

Accommodate (oneself) to

There are few hardstanding facilities available in Bosnia and Herzegovina capable of accommodating the rapid reaction force. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

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Accommodating increased personnel management services, including classification, to extrabudgetary staff within existing resources.

In practice, governmental and private sector development is accommodating this concern in environmental, cultural and social impact surveys.

Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines was published. He would have thought that there would be a humane way of accommodating such cases.

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