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Accommodating instruction to meet individual needs theory, motivation theories: individual needs

Value of Literature-Based Instruction for All Students There is growing evidence favoring literature-based programs for students experiencing difficulty.

Differentiated instruction to meet individual needs

Considering the cultural background of students is also important because the way in which students are expected to learn, interact, and use language in school may not match the way children learn at home Allen, A thematic organization of literature offers ways to extend linguistic support and to offer a variety of reasons to read, write, and talk Allen, In addition to the academic gains that can be achieved by motivated students with healthy self-concepts, addressing diverse cultural backgrounds in literature also helps students to develop social sensitivity to the needs of others and to understand the similarities as well as differences among people Norton, Maslow's theory is based on the following two principles: Good readers spend the majority of their time engaged in meaning-making activities such as silent reading and peer discussions Allington, Researchers have found that this is a very flexible technique that can be used to accommodate students of diverse needs and cultural backgrounds Kagan, — students experiencing difficulty, students acquiring English, gifted and talented students, and students of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Organizational Patterns in Meeting Individual Needs Research reveals no one best organizational scheme for meeting individual needs Hiebert, ; Slavin, Each theme comes with ideas, crafts and materials for lessons.

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What you will not find here are strict lesson plans to follow: For a small fee you can get the industry's best online privacy or publicly promote your presentations and slide shows with top rankings. David McClelland's acquired needs theory recognizes that everyone prioritizes needs differently.

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When students receive philosophically compatible literacy instruction and all teachers emphasize the same strategies and skills, learning increases Winfield, What he means by this term is that an already satisfied lower level need can become reactivated and influence behavior when a higher level need cannot be satisfied.

Instead of organizing students into ability groups that produce social and cultural differentiation in schoolwork, teachers should be encouraged to use whole-class and flexible-group patterns for instruction. Need for achievement is the drive to excel.

Motivation Theories: Individual Needs

He also believes that individuals are not born with these needs, but that they are actually learned through life experiences. Abraham Maslow defined need as a physiological or psychological deficiency that a person feels the compulsion to satisfy.

Instructional Variables in Meeting Individual Needs The instructional factors that teachers should consider in meeting individual needs are much the same for various groups of students.

Its inclusion in the reading curriculum can affirm and empower students about their cultures.

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When classroom practices were restructured to include this type of cultural interaction pattern, dramatic gains in student literacy were seen.

Schools need to organize instruction so that children needing more time to learn are provided access to larger amounts of high-quality literacy instruction Allington, LessonSense is a place for teachers, student teachers, esl learners, kids and parents.

People needing affiliation display the following behaviors: Secondary needs consist of internal states, such as the desire for power, achievement, and love. The instruction and experiences that non-English speakers receive should draw upon the literacy skills developed in their first language.

Active Involvement Another characteristic of effective instruction and learning is the degree to which students are active participants in the learning process. However, research also indicates that they benefit from beginning to read and write in English before they have completely mastered the English language.

In management circles, probably the most popular explanations of motivation are based on the needs of the individual.

If You're an Educator

This, in turn, helps students better understand themselves. These needs are biological in nature and relatively stable.

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In short, all people have needs that they want satisfied. Although these factors do not motivate employees, they can cause dissatisfaction if they are missing.

Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice, Unbound (for Books a la Carte Plus), 8th Edition

Meaningful Reading and Writing Tasks In recent years the criteria for effective instruction have undergone a dramatic shift from emphasis on drill and practice to emphasis on meaningful tasks of reading and writing. Identifying and interpreting these needs is more difficult because they are demonstrated in a variety of ways.

This need can create tensions that can influence a person's work attitudes and behaviors. Worksheets, flashcards and other resources!

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All students, but especially students of different cultures — African-American, Asian-American, Latino, and Native-American — need multicultural literature. Some are primary needs, such as those for food, sleep, and water—needs that deal with the physical aspects of behavior and are considered unlearned.

That's all free as well! The Multinational Corporation Motivation Theories: Teachers can encourage students to enhance their oral and written communication with activities such as dramatization and art.